Sunday, 10 April 2011


Now, I don't know about you, but I think that the views we saw today were pretty special.  This is Morecambe Bay, which might get a bit of a bad press sometimes, but seen from this angle hasn't got much wrong with it (if you don't look too far round to the left - err, south - and see the power station!)

To be honest, I don't think I really need to say anything - I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.  We had a good day today.

The boys are exhausted - excellent :)  The kind of exhaustion that only a brilliant day full of exercise and good playing can bring.  A birthday party in the morning, followed by a walk at Silverdale, followed by a surprise play with a little friend who lives in the house directly behind ours (Kev lifted out a fence panel and they were all able to go back and forth between the gardens - they're so excited and want to do this every day).  I hope that we can go out to play every day in these next two weeks - if I were the praying kind, I would pray for dry and warm days every day; but since I'm not the praying kind I will just be hopeful instead :)   Kev will be back at work, but since when has that ever stopped me from taking the kids out to nice - free - places??  One of our days out will be a walk along the cycle track to Sainsburys to buy strawberries to eat at the Castle :)  Simplicity itself, but one of our favourite things to do on warm days.

I'm a little stunned that some beautiful weather has arrived - but I shouldn't really be surprised, since the Easter Holidays usually are kind to us.  (Although I hear that it might actually rain tomorrow).


  1. Linda, I am really impressed. It's a lovely blog, beautifully set up and so "warm". I don't know if you remember, but I first started following you because I liked you Hub about scraping the ice off the windscreen and windows of the car... It was charming, and as you already know, I think that your writing is wonderful, and that your Masters' is in the bag.
    Ian (From Twilight Lawns plc, Retirement Home for a Better Class of Person)

  2. I do remember that that was when you started following my hubs Ian. It was lovely to meet you and to share a bit of banter :) You are too kind to me, you and epi and the Professor, and everyone else actually! But thank you so much for all your praise and encouragement - it's part of the reason I decided to go ahead with the MA, when I was floundering and thinking of not bothering with it :) I'd just like it to start now! Roll on October :)