Friday, 2 March 2012




Having a nice year, so far?

I am.

Just plodding along, doing the things I love.  Reading, writing, being with my kids.  All good.  Particularly the kids part.  I keep finding that I'm putting them to bed very late, just because I'm enjoying talking to them, and doing homeworky things with them.  Last night I brought them upstairs to get ready for bed at 7pm, but they didn't actually settle down until 9pm because we decided to write in our diaries together, and I spent a good 40 minutes printing photos on my Pogo for us all.  Each boy wanted the same photos as his brothers, so I printed out four copies of each one.  There's nothing much better than sitting on my bed, with three little boys chattering away, asking me how to spell things, and telling me all about absolutely everything.  That is one of my favourite things to do in the world.  *deep sigh of contentment, interrupted by deep rumbling of hungry tummy*

It's lunch time, and I'm about to go and find something to eat, but thought I'd just kill some time before I go to collect young Matthew from playschool.  Perfect opportunity to blog a little.  I'm pleased with myself this morning.  I have been working on a short story.  I typed it up first, to remind myself of all its details, and then I carried on drafting it on the computer - something I never do, I always write by hand and type up when something's finished.  But I decided that it's about time I started typing as I think, because I'm taking too long to get things done.  This story got nicely embiggened by working in this way.    I'm going to finish it!  I know, crazy eh?  Me actually finishing something?  And then, I'm going to enter it into a competition.  It won't win, but that's okay.  The more stories I finish and submit, the more likely I am to win something.  If they're any good, my stories, that is.  If they're not then I could submit a hundred stories a week, and I'd never get anywhere.  And it doesn't really matter anyway.  I'll still keep writing.

Here are Thomas, James and Matthew.  It was World Book Day yesterday, and T and J's costumes were splendid.  I didn't get very good photographs, because the light in our house is atrocious and my phone camera is not very good.  But you can get a rough idea of how good they looked.  Matthew wanted to join in, and was Harry with his Bucketful of Dinosaurs.  Thomas was Peter Pevensie, and James was Edmund Pevensie (whom you will know if you are a fan of Narnia).

Happy days.  

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