Friday, 4 May 2012

It's all going on...

Life was already busy, but it's about to get Buuuzzaaaaaay!

Well, when I say 'about to', I mean that it will get busier in September.  But you can't just sit and wait for September, can you?  You've got to start 'doing' whatever it is you have to do before it's time to do it, you know?


Oooh. Always one of my favourite starts, a month of potential and motivation, inspiration and excitement.  But I anticipate even more of these things this year.  Matthew starts school this year, and on that first day I cease to become a full-time parent, a SAHM, a lazy layabout, a kept woman, a lady of leisure.  On that first day we enter a new era.  The era of ... the erm ... the era of the Many-Stringed-Bow!  Yes, we'll call it that.  The era of the Many-Stringed-Bow.  There is much to do.  I'm very excited.  We will really find out how I cope with stress then (albeit quite a relatively small amount of stress compared to millions of people), when I have to juggle several different mes (that says 'mes', meaning 'more than one me', you know?).  I will still be Mum-me, but I will also be Masters-student-me, proofreader-me, author-me (if I pull my finger out), cyclist-me and freelance-writing-tart-me (we'll see about that one - ways to earn money have to be found, and who knows what uses I might find for my wordy skills?).

It's already begun.  I'm proofreading now, for Full Proof.  It's very, very good.  I'm finding it very easy to fit the jobs into my evenings and mornings.  But from September I hope to be able to keep all of my evenings free for writing, and squeeze the money-making activities in between school times.  Of course, I'm pretty certain that it won't stay that way - as I start to add more strings to my bow I will probably find that I have less and less time for writing.  But in a way, that's not so bad - I have so much free time at the moment, and I am still guilty of squandering it.  I find that when I have less free time I am more likely to fill it with something productive, because I'm feel a little starved of productive creativity.  So, I have high hopes for September.  I can organise myself then, and really get stuck in.  I want to concentrate on making that lifestyle affordable, so that I don't have to waste my time in an office job just because it pays well.  Money isn't everything - I know that, because working in an office at the university made me miserable.  It wasn't worth the wages.

I can't believe this time has come, already.  Where have eight years gone?  Well, nine, actually.  I would have expected to feel sad that my time at home with the kids is almost over - but that's the thing: it isn't over, because if I can make freelancing work I will still get to be with them in the holidays.  So there's plenty to motivate me to work hard.

The first thing to do - after this weekend, when we're at a wedding - is to look again at my website, and think of more ideas for it, and start getting it noticed.  I'm not sure how to do all of that, so I need to have a meeting with my mum and Janine.  Janine is an ideas person, and she will know exactly what to do.  My mum has also said that she thinks I should teach creative writing - I have no idea how to do that either, but I'd love to give that a try.  I think I could be good at it.  I might ask my friends to take a trial-class, with me teaching!  That might be far too much of a giggle though!

Aaaaagggh!   It's noon!  I must get back to my car before I go over my time and have to pay £10!

I'm back on the blog :D  Nice to be back.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor - I find him quite inspiring ... or is that perspiring?

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