Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Here is our tree :)  It's just a Christmas tree, same as anyone else's I suppose.  But I'm always quite proud of my tree, because it's always so sparkly and lovely :)  The picture doesn't quite do it justice, because we have bad lighting for photos in the living room.  But I think we have about 400 fairy lights on our tree, and when the big living room light is off at night, and the tree is just standing on its own in the corner, all twinkly, it looks splendid.  

I'm not sure if our tree is going to last though.  We were supposed to get it straight into water, but we didn't.  Now I'm not sure if it's taking any water in, or whether it's going to suddenly wilt because the cut that the Christmas-tree-selling-man made sealed up before we got the tree into it's little bath.  But hopefully it will be alright.  Mind you, our house can be pretty chilly, so maybe it doesn't really want a drink of anything cold.  Perhaps I should give it a cup of tea every morning.

Currently I am enjoying the arty photographing of three different sizes of shot (I don't even know how to talk about photography, so I hope you get the gist of what I'm saying - sorry).  So we have the big picture, of the whole of the Christmas tree above.  Then, below, we have a close up of part of it.  And then below that, we have an extreme close up (possibly using the macro setting, if necessary).  I don't know what you call this, but I'm enjoying it.  You might have noticed that I did it with the teabags the other day?  Only my camera on my phone wasn't really able to get a good close up of the tealeaves because of the mesh being in the way.

That sparkle has come out rather nicely, don't you think? :)  Sparkle can be tricky to photograph, especially in too much light.  But too little light can be a problem too.  What do I know though?  Absolutely nothing.  I just point and click.

I do have a nice camera, which I use a lot.  But mostly I use it when we're going somewhere, on holiday, or for a walk somewhere.  For my blog I use my phone's camera, which is sufficient to meet my blogging needs usually.  It is a humble 3.2 megapixel affair, which I have very little control over.  It really is just a case of pointing and clicking.  But it's a goody :)  This is the most bestest phone I have had yet, and I think I will keep it for quite a long time, until it dies.  I have no real need for an iPhone, but I will probably choose something like that when my current phone dies.  My current phone is a simple Nokia, that is only a phone, a texting implement, and a camera.  It does nothing else fancy, but it is sturdy and small and comfortable to use, and doesn't have any faults.  

This is my phone.  Lovely :)

Anyway, that'll do for today, I should think.  Actually supposed to be writing a book today!  But as usual, got distracted by the sparkly and shiny internet!  

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