Friday, 17 December 2010

Playmobil is ace

Come on, I mean, how cute is Playmobil these days?  Seriously cute.  I was playing with Matthew yesterday, emptying all of the big stuff out of the Playmobil box, and looking for the teeny things in the bottom that we needed for our little campsite.  We had the camper van, and the chairs and tables, but we needed all the food, and the plates and cutlery.  Nothing has been lost from our Playmobil sets, which is somewhat of a miracle when you consider just how tiny the pieces are!  And so well made, no little sprues* on the plastic, all beautifully finished.  We have the teeniest little mobile phone, that is only just bigger than a Playmobil person's hand.  Never been lost.  Amazing.

These first two photos are of the ice-cream parlour, which Kev's parents bought the boys last Christmas. It's Gorgeous!  Look at those little bowls of ice-cream, and that dinky little scoop!  Now, I usually don't like to use exclamation marks in my writing (proper writers shouldn't need them, you know!), but descriptions of Playmobil do require them.  So apologies for my over-zealous use of them.

And here we have the inside of the camper van.  These little compartments are cunningly concealed underneath the beds!  Ohhh, so cute!  Tiny little cups and plates, tiny little forks and knives.  I can barely stand it, I just want to cry at the cuteness!  Now, I don't know about you, but so called girls toys have nothing on this stuff - so called boys toys are way cooler.  (I hate all that rubbish about boys and girls toys, and so wish that shops wouldn't play to that insecurity that lots of parents have about their children becoming gay if they don't play with gender-appropriate toys!  Matthew would love to have a doll's house, and the two reasons he can't have one are because we can't afford it, and we haven't the space in the house.  If it were within my power and means to get him one, then he would have one, because he would get so much enjoyment from it - when we go into the Early Learning Centre he can always be found playing with the doll's house.  Does this mean he's gay?  Tt, who cares?!)

That's my hand, right there.

So, we plonked it all back in the Playmobil box at the end of the day, and this afternoon we'll have to dig it all out again!  But half the fun of Playmobil is in the hours spent setting it all up, isn't it, just for ten minutes of actual playing?  :)

*sprue 1 |sproō|
nouna channel through which metal or plastic is poured into a mold.• piece of metal or plastic that has solidified in a sprue, joining a number of small molded plastic items.

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