Friday, 27 May 2011

Plodding along, as usual :)

Well hello there!  I'm busy.  Just popped on to say that really.  Always got something to do, always got something to write, got many books to read, many magazines to pore over, quite a bit of studying to do, and some decisions to make.  All good, all fun, all invigorating, and all exciting (for me anyway, quite boring for everybody else).

Still not doing very well at getting all the things done that I need to do though - but at least I have got out of the habit of sticking the telly on and switching to 'Dave' and watching repeats of comedy panel shows!  That was silly.  My life might have been full of humour, but it wasn't moving anywhere.  You can't stay in Daveland for ever; after a few weeks you've seen all of the repeats and then you're watching the re-repeats, and that's just stupid.


Here is what I'm listening to this morning:

'Sanctus' by Karl Jenkins.  Make what you will of that :)

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