Monday, 5 December 2011

Time - could I have a little more please?

An abundance of time is what I actually have.  But I squander it, all the time.  One would think that I might be a little more careful of the ways in which I spend my time, since I am acutely aware of how quickly it can run out.  But, as I've said before, I am inherently lazy (if I use that word, 'inherently', it allows me to take no responsibility for my laziness, do you see?) and find it difficult to resist a sit on the couch, a nice brew, and a biscuit.

I've have achieved pretty much ... nothing this week.  I have started to do the pre-Christmas clean-up, but the house is a bombsight.  Actually, it's a bin.  Actually, a giant skip.  But I can see light somewhere, and it'll be alright.  This is the first year I have not allowed the state of the house to stress me out - and it's telling, because I've passed the stress on to Kev who cannot believe how stupidly messy every room is!  Ha ha!  :D  And I just can't get up the energy to care; 'it'll get done', I keep saying.  I suppose one day soon I might have a burst of energy and finish it all off.

I'm not writing anything, not even the new cycling blog.  I'm writing neither hubs, nor Goodreads book reviews.  I'm not even writing in a diary.  Nothing.  I'm watching telly and crocheting.  No novel-writing is going on at all.  I have an assignment to get finished for my proofreading course, my very last assignment, and I'm just not doing it.

I'm shopping online, and I'm eating, and I'm sitting about.  Oh, and learning Russian.  I suppose that's something - but it's not something useful, it's just something I like doing.


Yeah, yeah, I will.  Just let me finish this brew and this biscuit.

One thing I really would like to do, once I've got that assignment out of the way, and written some cycling articles, and some hubs, and some chapters of my novel, is to catch up on reading the work of my favourite hubber, Twilight Lawns.  He's my friend, and he always reads my hubs, even when no one else does.  He deserves the same special treatment back.  That's one of the very important things that I have to do.  It's on the List.

I think I'm not enjoying winter this year - I think it's sapping my energy, which it's never done before.  I don't like it.  I'm looking forward to spring.  But spring's not coming for ages, so I'd better find a way to be friends with winter.  I will.  Maybe when my house is tidy.  Maybe when the kids have finished school for Christmas and we can spend time making decorations and Christmas bakes.  That'll be lovely.  We can have carols on, and cover the place with tinsel and snowflakes.  I think we'll have a very tiny tree this year, as I am not in the mood for a big one.

What's up with me, I wonder?  My inner core of blissful happiness is still intact, but I've got a crusty, snappy shell that's doing my head in.  I think it should bugger off.

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