Sunday, 9 May 2010

Does it really matter?

So we've had an election, and it's still going on, and we're all very excited, and I've been watching it avidly, and will continue to watch for as long as it takes for things to be resolved - which may be many months! Hmm. But apart from people who are actually genuinely interested in politics to the extent that they keep up to date with the broadsheets daily, and apart from politicians themselves, are the rest of us really that bothered what happens in a general election? Does it have such an impact on our lives that the possibility of a new government should have us seriously worried about how poor we're all suddenly going to become, or make us thoroughly overjoyed because things are suddenly going to get better for everyone and we'll all finally be very happy? In other words, does politics really matter? Do politicians ever really make a difference? Or is it possible, gasp, that we can in fact get on with our lives without having anything to do with the whole silly business?
To be perfectly honest with you, I've been watching it mostly for the entertainment factor. When the results came in I was glued to the news all day, because it was riveting. I had ummed and ahhed for a long time about who I was going to vote for, yes. I was mostly trying to decide who would help my grandparents to be more comfortable, and who would make schools better. But I went completely with my heart in the end - I voted for the Green party, and then I joined said party :) I knew when I placed my crosses in the boxes that neither of the Green candidates had a hope of being elected, but I knew that for me it was the right thing to do. And I was pleased and proud of myself, for not being swayed by anyone in my decision. We're all different, aren't we, and we all vote for different reasons? To me, my vote isn't about trying to get someone into office who will change my life - because that's an unrealistic expectation. Politics doesn't change our lives - we do. Politics might alter the amount of money we have, but it's still up to us what we do with it. So my vote is about who I am, and it's about what I believe in, and what I think is important (as I'm sure it is for everyone who doesn't vote tactically, of course!)
So, politics was soon forgotten about on Saturday, when we went to look at a beautiful house that we thought we might like to buy. We didn't even think about Mssrs Cameron, Brown and Clegg when we went to the fairground in the afternoon. And not a political thought flitted across our brains when we went for a long and leisurely walk in the countryside on Sunday. A very productive and fun-filled, politics-free weekend.
The house that we looked at was excellent. We cannot put an offer in though, because when we looked at it we realised what a state our own is! Purely cosmetic, but since first impressions matter enormously when selling a house, we need to sort it out. So we have plans to get it in a fit enough state to put on the market. We're going to have a few weeks of tidying and titivating, and then we'll give it a try - perhaps! Kev keeps having doubts - very valid doubts. He wonders whether we should stay where we are for another couple of years, at least until I'm bringing in some money. But we'll tidy the house up anyway, while we're still deciding - nothing wrong with a tidy house, whether you're selling it or not. It all just needs a good paint and a clean, lots of elbow-grease (whatever that actually is!) and love. And you never know, when it's looking beautiful again, we might actually decide to keep it. Oh, but I would love to buy the house we saw this weekend - it was ideal. Very big, lots of rooms, beautiful garden, nice location. Hmmmmm.
At the fairground we had a great time. I've never really been to the fairground at the park before, though it's been there every summer for decades. I guess it was because we were always too poor to be able to go on rides! The boys went on a few things, and we all went on the wee rollercoaster (Thomas hated it and felt sick). I went on the 'big' wheel with Kev's mum Jackie. It was quite lurchy! But fun :) Jackie clamped her hand on my arm and I think she was quite terrified at first, but she settled down after a couple of revolutions. I was a little disappointed that no-one would go on the ghost train with me, but I think James would have had nightmares for a few weeks if I'd dragged him on it. Maybe next year :) The boys were delighted with their prizes from the Hook-a-Duck stall - they all chose a very excellent archery set, which I have to say I'm most impressed with: not at all the usual tat you might expect to win at a fair. The boys were firing their arrows at shiny surfaces at every opportunity yesterday, and now the telly, a few pictures on the walls and some windows have nice squelchy marks on them from where the suckers stuck. Mmmm, that's nice.
Yesterday, Sunday, we went to the Crook o' Lune again. We decided to take the walk at a more leisurely pace this time - though we still didn't get to be as leisurely as we'd have liked, because we had Noomski and Jessica with us, and they seemed to get a little bored if we stayed still to watch birds or cows or anything for too long! I think they found our ways rather amusing, and were laughing every time I took my camera out to film some jumping fish, or some swooping herons. Noomski asked what had happened to me, and said that I used to be cool, but am not cool any longer because I know the names of some birds and about the habits of a little bit of wildlife! It's nice to be entertaining :D And it was nice having them along with us though, as they were good company, and it was more fun with a bigger party. I hope they will walk with us again - though I'm not sure they will, because they were very tired afterwards, and seemed to be lacking a bit of stamina!!! (I wonder if they will read this, *wicked laugh*.)
So, it's back to work on the book today. I've neglected it for a few days, and am rather behind schedule now, so I have some catching up to do. I needed to blog though - I have written four posts about the election over the last few days, and have deleted them all because they were too ... political (for 'political' read 'dull'!)

Oh, apologies for the lack of photos of the weekend. I haven't got them on my computer yet, because they're on Kev's new camera, and I can't spare the time to download them just now. I will post some this evening - a separate photographic entry for you.

And oh, I caught myself moaning about the weather this morning, and then remembered that I had posted about enjoying the rain and cold, on account of it reminding a person that they are alive - so I gave myself a telling off and then pulled my hood down and let the rain get in my hair! Ooh, what a rebel!

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