Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A running post

11th May, 2010

Yes, I went for a run. I mean, I don't know why, because I hate running. It hurts. It hurts before you do it, because you get this dull feeling in the pit of your stomach in anticipation of the actual physical pain you're going to make yourself feel very soon. And then it hurts while you're doing it, 'pounding the pavement' as they say, feeling the impact on your joints - particularly the knees - feeling the burning in your chest, the stitch in your side because you didn't leave enough time between eating and running, the stiffness that threatens to turn into cramp in your calves. And it even hurts when you stop (though it's nice at the same time), and then you struggle to walk because your muscles have turned to jelly. Although, I don't stop once I've started, until I get to the end. This is because stopping is such a relief that it makes it harder to carry on, for me. If I stopped half way through a run I know that I would walk the rest of the way; therefore, I don't stop.

But do I really hate it as much as I say? Probably not. I do feel good about myself today. It was very satisfying to surprise Kev by coming downstairs in my running stuff and saying 'I'm just popping out, back in half an hour.' He was struck dumb! And then he was struck dumb once more when I did arrive back home less than half an hour later :) I did three miles in twenty-seven minutes. I was very pleased with that - when I was running four years ago I didn't go that fast. I think I was probably being too cautious four years ago. I was running with a heart rate monitor, and I was sticking to a certain rate as much as possible, the rate that was supposed to ensure optimum performance. But I think I will just use my lungs as a guide to how fast I can manage to go - if I get pain in them and start to struggle to breathe, I will slow down a little (not stop, never stop!); if my lungs are feeling fine, I'll carry on as I am.
Today I feel good. I know I will have pain tomorrow, but it'll be interesting to see how bad it is. I've got achiness in my legs, and they're a little wobbly when I've been kneeling on the floor, but nothing as bad as I expected.

12th May, 2010

The pain arrived in the thighs and the muscles around the hips at about 8.30pm last night, around the time that David Cameron was leaving Buckingham Palace after being offered a new job by the Queen. The pain was quite considerable, but I stretched my legs a good bit, and all was well. So I'm thinking that I might go for another run this evening. Ugh. The thought of that amount of physical exertion makes me feel a little sick. But I will keep the thought of the feeling at the finish in my mind and I will make myself do it. I have to get into it properly if I'm going to manage to run the Paras 10 in October.

This is the Paras 10. But I will certainly not be doing it with a pack on my back, and I certainlywill just be wearing normal running gear. Perhaps the sight of these strapping young men will spur me on to a faster time though :D

So I was thinking about having a bash at the London Marathon one year as well. I've been saying it for several years now, but have never actually tried to get in. Noomski would love to do as well, and so would Kev. And I think my mum would probably have a bash also. Of course, I'd love to get a good time as well, something under three hours would be nice - although, of course, completely unrealistic! Keeping up eight or nine minute miles for twenty-six of them is probably a bit of a tall order for a beginner. But under four hours should certainly be possible... err, but perhaps I should keep my mouth shut about that for now! Noomski would get a good time - he can run for miles and miles, could probably do two marathons back to back on the same day without too much trouble, after a bit of training. He once set off for a wee run one day and found that he'd done twenty-six miles by accident! Weirdo.

So, there's a new Conservative Prime Minister, and a coalition government, but we can still carry on with our lives as if the election never happened. It was exciting to watch, but now I'd like to get on with what I was doing before, which largely involved ignoring politicians and just doing what makes me and my family happy. Well, I've added running, which doesn't make me particularly happy - but it does make my body work more effectively, thus allowing me to achieve more happiness-inducing activities.

Back to work on the book now - ttfn.


  1. I think it's awesome your running! I think once I have gotten used to exercising, when I need to change it up a bit, I will throw running in a couple days a week.

  2. I want to start running!!! and the paras 10!! tell me more