Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Photos, as promised.

Here are the photos of the weekends jollities :)

This is Thomas, being very daring, on a little ride. James didn't fancy it.
Matthew and Thomas enjoying a bit of trucking. James didn't fancy this one either.
James opted for a bit of 'Hook a Duck' - much safer (thought perhaps not for the poor goldfish! We did not take a goldfish, obviously.)
James did eventually decide to brave a ride on the little rollercoaster ... he loved it!
Thomas was very enthusiastic about the rollercoaster, but changed his mind once it set off ... he will not be going on it again!
Can you see my arm waving, up at the top there?
Matthew wanted to win a prize too.
Thomas, James and Matthew watching the sandmartins swooping in to the sandy bank.
Noomski running to greet the sheep and cows.
Trekking through the Amazonian Jungle!
There wasn't much to climb on our walk, so we just climbed or balanced on anything we could find :)
The boys reached their limit close to the end of the walk.
Matthew dropped something, so I had to crouch to pick it up!
Lots of fun :)

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