Friday, 4 March 2011

New hobby

The gatehouse.

Do you like my latest project?  I've found a new hobby.  I have found that I could quite happily allow myself to be addicted to cardboard cut-out models.  I made two very small ones earlier in the year, and just found it to be so relaxing and unwinding.  I get my tools ready, my good pair of big, sharp kitchen scissors, my cutting board, my craft knife and my fast drying PVA glue, and my fingers are practically itching to start.  I tell you, all of a sudden I understand why some people find so much pleasure in an air-fix kit.  It's such a simple joy: to create something, but without the responsibility of the planning and designing - the thing being created has already been tried and tested, and definitely will fit together perfectly, it cannot go wrong.  This is what I find so calming about it.  There is no stress involved, because there is no danger of pieces being missing, new bits needing to be made, sections not fitting together.  I think it cardboard cut-out models could be used as therapy for anyone who needs to learn how to relax and enjoy doing something for no good reason other than the fact that it makes them happy.

The piece that I am working on now is a big medieval castle.  It has cut-out figures, and the boys will be able to play with it when it's finished.  I'll be happy for them to play with it, because I know they will take care of it - actually they will be in awe of it, and it will be their favourite toy for a while :)  (We're a very old-fashioned little family in lots of ways - do you know, we even eat our evening meal at the table, with the TV off, and we all talk to each other about our day?!  Amazing eh?)

This bit here is the inside of the gatehouse, all dark and mysterious.  I think it looks pretty good.   I just hope that all of this very pretty insides can be seen once the castle is all finished.   It would be a shame for them to be hidden.

Eh?  Eh?  I know, it's gorgeous isn't it?  I know.  Just wait until you see the whole castle finished, you're going to be amazed, truly.  That tiny portcullis that you can see there, actually lifts up, to reveal the doors that actually open.

Here are my tools, minus my cutting board, which I forgot to put in the shot - I'll put it in next time.  I'm supposed to also use a ruler, for any cutting or scoring that I do with the craft knife.  But I don't like to use a ruler, as I find that the knife seems to be repelled by it and I end up going off the line anyway - I find that I make a neater line if I just do the job freehand.  The ruler also gets in the way, and I can't really see what I'm doing properly.

Can you see the dreadful accident that occurred, evidence of which is in this photo above?  Well, in the piece of wall, with an arch in it, that's just to the left of the craft knife?  I cut right through that wall by accident - I was cutting out a piece on the next page, and thought that it was strange that this particular piece of card seemed to be so much thicker than the others.  It was then, with horror, that I realised I had cut right through a wall :(  What an idiot.  I hadn't even done my first bit of gluing at that point.  But No matter, I'll bravely continue.  I'm going to fix the broken wall back together with tape on the underside - it won't be seen, fortunately, because it's a hidden underside.  Phew!  It could have been a lot worse.

More photos when I've done the next bit.  I bet you just can't wait!

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