Thursday, 16 September 2010


There are some babies around at the moment. It's a time I've come to dread, as I know I'll get broody and I know I'll want to have a couple more of my own! But I'm not having any more. Nope. That's it. My three perfect boys are all I need, and I am more than happy with them - they're more wonderful and beautiful than I would ever have imagined if I'd ever imagined what my babies would be like. To have any more would be just greedy and selfish. Although it would be great :) And the boys would love to have another little sibling, a girl or a boy, they wouldn't mind which. Four boys would be so cool, even more fun. But girls are lovely too.

Oh my goodness, look at that - I started to talk myself into having another baby. Ridiculous woman! I should be ashamed of myself!

Well, I am going to visit my friend Catherine, and her husband Phil, and their brand new baby, Poppy Beatrice at the weekend. It's very strange seeing your friends become parents. It's sad for me, because I was one of the first of my group of friends to have my babies, and I'd had three before most had had one, so they're still at the beginning of all the baby stuff, and I'm at the end already. Matthew really isn't a baby anymore, and I'm getting empty-nest syndrome already! Of course, that's completely stupid, because none of the boys are leaving or going anywhere away from me for many more years, lol. I still see plenty of Thomas - see him for several hours every day, get plenty of time to chat with him, to do homework with him, to have fun with him. And it will be the same when James is at school full time next week, and it will be the same when Matthew starts school in two years' time. Just won't have anyone at home with me every day anymore - that's the horrible bit. This is all going to be over soon - this way of life that I've got so used to over the past seven years. But I know how lucky I am to have been able to have these years at home - I won't be wallowing in misery about it all, don't worry. I know that would be very dull to read about. And I'll be fine anyway - I'll be busy, with getting on with my own stuff, whether that will be writing or midwifing (or both) or whatever.

But Noomski and Jessica might have a baby next year - that'll be great :) I'll get to spend lots of time with that little niece or nephew, and will be able to spoil it because it won't be mine, ha ha!

I have to go to sleep now. It's only 10pm, but I seem to be a little bit elderly at the moment, and am needing about 27 hours sleep each day. Hmm. Annoying.

Ugh, sorry for another negative post. I'm actually not feeling negative today, I'm actually feeling very positive and motivated and all that - writing's still going well. Homework with Thomas has been fantastic - he read seven pages of his first reading book from Year 3 tonight, and he learnt his 10-times-table. All is very good :) Very happy :) Hope you are all very happy too, anonymous readers, whoever you are!

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