Monday, 27 September 2010

Happy 100th Post! :)

Yes, this is my hundredth post :)  God, I've been blethering about a load of rubbish for ninety-nine posts so far.  You poor readers - I do wonder why you keep reading this dross!  I don't even know who some of you are.  How on earth did you find me?  Who is that who reads in the Isle of Man?  And what about South Africa?  And lots of you from places in the UK that I've never even been?  Who are you?!  Well, glad to meet you anyway :)

Anyway, back to my entry.  I wrote this earlier today when I was in town:

'That was quite a nice weekend.  A very pleasant evening out on Saturday to celebrate the forthcoming nuptials of Noomski and Jessica.  I chatted to some lovely people :)  But the most impressive and exciting part of the evening was surely close to the beginning when Aunty Trish produced, from her enormous handbag, precious photos of her and Uncle Phil, posing white-toothed and tanned, with Donny and Marie Osmond.  Oh yes.  She regaled us with full details of her conversation with said warbling toothsome siblings, and all - all, I tell you - were emerald with envy.  Some were even on the verge of turquoise, they were that jealous.  Incredible.  Trish left soon after that, worried no doubt, about the angry, jealous mob that was forming and issuing threatening mutterings about 'getting' that spawny Osmond stalker.

Nothing so exciting for Sunday though.  But do you know what happened that was just wonderful?  I didn't get out of bed until half past one in the afternoon!  I haven't done that for years, and maaaaaaan, it felt good.  And best of all, there was no guilt attached.  I made sure the kids had a drink when they got up and then I went back to bed.  They helped themselves to brioche and apples for a nice balanced breakfast, and entertained themselves with Lego for the morning.  I slept off the booze, until Kev had the splendid idea of calling the kids up to come and watch a film in our room.  This is something we never do.  We always have this crazy idea that we have to do something that involve fresh air and exercise, so we drag them out for a walk somewhere.  We do always enjoy a walk, rain or shine, of course.  But oh, to be lazy :)  Divine.  To the boys it was the perfect day - their favourite thing to do is to have a lazy day with whichever particular toys they're obsessed with at the time.

After the film though, we all did feel a little starved of fresh air.  And Kev thought a walk would work wonders for our hangovers, so we decided, at three o'clock in the afternoon, to go for a game of golf.  Yes, that's what I said.  Golf.  Proper golf mind, not pitch and putt.  So it was off to Forrest Hills, after taking three quarters of an hour to get everyone dressed, for a quick ten holes.  Indeed.  We actually only played five, as we had some very tired sons by half past five.  Three hundred yards times five is a long way for a three year old to walk when his babysitters have let him stay up until ten the night before.  And actually, Matthew zigzagged up the fairways, so he probably walked four times as far as the rest of us.  Thomas and James were great with their little clubs, by the way - both can hit a ball further than I can (but that really isn't saying much!)  James has little tantrums when he hit the turf, but was asking when we could come again nonetheless.
Definitely had to be Chinese food after such a hectic and strenuous day.
Definitely had to be Chinese food, because the Indian was waaaaaaay too expensive!  Has anyone been to the new place at the bottom our road - wow!  Pricey!

Back to work today :)  Invigorated after tremendous lazy weekend.  Cases to pack, and speech ... er, still to write.  (I've got some ideas for that now - I'm writing it tonight.)'

That is what I wrote this morning, as I said.  I have also written half of my speech, and I hope to finish it tomorrow, leaving myself a good bit of time to learn it :)  It'll be nice.  Hopefully.

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