Friday, 3 September 2010

Stag Dooooooo

I am sitting and waiting. I thought it would be nice to not be rushing around at the last minute, and to not be packing the car as it's moving out of the drive, but I'm just a bag of nerves now. I've been all prepared, got everything ready last night, bar the ironing of a few bits of clothing, and thought I'd be all chilled out today. But I've just been sweating ALL DAY. I stink! I'm so ridiculous sometimes.

Nothing to be nervous about of course - I'm off to spend the weekend with some blokes, who, by all accounts, are a lovely bunch. I haven't met a few of them, but I do know most of them, and I know that it'll be lots of fun. I've been putting a bit of pressure on myself - not a lot, just a little - to shoulder the responsibility for making sure everyone has a good time. But that's just silly. I may be Noomski's Best Man, but that doesn't mean I'm responsible for everyone. I'm only responsible for Noomski! I am happy and content in the knowledge that all I have to do this weekend, is relax, be myself, and enjoy! I do have certain things that I need to do, such as keeping the directions to the hotel and eateries about my person, and making sure that we get to our activities on time etc. And I do have a responsibility to get the ball rolling with anything that concerns the embarrassment of Noomski :D But I don't have to be the centre of attention, and I don't have to be bossy and remain in charge of the whole of Saturday night. I'm sure there will be enough imagination among the blokes that Noomski will be embarrassed plenty :D

I would imagine that I will have some interesting photos to post on Sunday - I'm just hoping that I'll be fit to drive, and then fit to blog in the evening. If I'm not fit to blog then something has gone very wrong with my plan to stay sober enough to avoid a hangover :( Oh dear. Hangovers: the reason I made a pledge to stop drinking nearly a year ago! I've only had a drink on about three or four occasions this year, and each time I've only had about two pints of bitter! I must avoid shots tomorrow, I must avoid lager, I must avoid double vodkas, I must avoid drinking games, I must avoid alcopops, I must avoid drambuies at the end of the night. I foresee messiness. This is mostly why I am nervous. This is why I am actually sweating!

I am not at all nervous about paintballing and quad biking. I am looking forward to comparing bruises with my little/big cousin Stephen and my little/big cousin Jason :) You might know I have a thing about bruises and scabs? Maybe I'll have to write a post on bruises and scabs! Well anyway, I understand that a person can receive some amazing bruises from paintballing. I'm not sure if I bruise easily or not though - from the clay-pigeon shooting experience that I had, when both barrels went off at the same time and I didn't get the slightest bit of a bruise, I think I probably don't bruise easily. But time will tell, and I'll show some photos on Sunday :)

Right, I'd best go and get myself a cup of camomile before I pass out with nervous excitement! Those who are travelling down to Nottingham from here are coming in less than an hour, so I need to make myself less smelly! Speak to you after the Stag :P

Have a good weekend all.

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