Friday, 1 October 2010


Look what I've had done!

Can you see it?  That little blob of silveriness on my tragus?

The tragus piercing is a perforation of the ear for the purpose of inserting and wearing a piece of jewelry. The tragus projects immediately in front of the ear canal. The piercing itself is usually made with a small gauge hollow piercing needle, and typical jewelry would be a small diameter captive bead ring or small gauge post style piercing jewelry. A related piercing is known as the Antitragus piercing.
The hollow, low-gauge needle used for the piercing can be either straight or curved, depending on the piercer's preference. The piercer has to be careful not to allow the needle to penetrate any further than the tragus.
Body piercers recommend about 12-18 months before changing the earring as it has a high risk of getting infected due to long hair getting caught around the earring, any hair product residue, or improper cleaning also swelling of the tissue can cause the earring to get caught in the skin possibly resulting in hospital surgery and removal of the tragus if the earring is replaced too early.
The Tragus becomes very swollen and will bleed and ooze fluids for the first week. Proper cleaning and sanitization is crucial in the healing of this piercing.

So there you go!  And yes, it was a complete whim.  I only went to the tattooists' shop (I've put the apostrophe there, because it is a small business that employs a few tattooists!) to get an idea of a price and time frame for my next tattoo.  And then I just happened to ask if he did piercing as well, and he said that they did, and then I asked if he could do something right away, and he said that they could, and so I asked him to pierce my tragus, and he did.  It was not very painful when he did it - a very small dull sensation, not the worst one I've had.  But it is quite achey now.  And I've got a little bit of a headache around my ear and my eye.  But it's fine.  And I like it!  
When I say a whim, it wasn't a complete whim, because I've wanted to have it done ever since I my mum had hers.  I just have never remembered to get around to it :)

So this is the news of my latest tattoo: it will have to be a session piece, too big and too much detail for one sitting.  £65 per hour, not sure how many hours yet.  So I have some research to do.  I have my sonnet, but I need to choose my font, and some detail for the embellishments.  Then I have to take all my stuff in, and make a proper booking for the first session - it'll be in January.  Oooh, that is so long to wait - but I can be patient :)  It'll be great.  The tattooist that I spoke to today just told me that he's recently had his back finished - it was exhausting, he said.  He spent a two hour session a month, for two years, being tattooed in very tender places!  Ouch!  Bet it looks good though :)

Tattoos eh?  You either love 'em, or you hate 'em.  Quite a lot like a popular/unpopular yeast extract, beef flavoured product.

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