Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Day 9.

Cor, I posted three hubs today :D  I'm about to go and check on them, to see if they've been read by anyone.  I'm catching up a little.  I'm just one hub short now, and I'll write that in a minute.  It's very much fun, and I'm enjoying it thoroughly.  It would probably be very nice to be able to get paid a nice wage to just ramble on about whatever I fancy - but that'll never 'appen!

Today has gone very, very quickly.  We didn't achieve a great deal really, apart from me posting those hubs.  Me and Thomas and James went into town and enjoyed a bit of coffee/hot chocolate/blueberry juice/Belgian waffle/marshmallow twizzles/cheesy chip fest.  That was nice, to eat rubbish for the day.  We felt full to the brim with stodge, so enjoyed some nice vegetables and salmon for tea :)  This is all a bit boring for a reader eh?  Reading about what my family and I have eaten today?  What the hell am I on about?  Who cares?!  Actually, I can't really help it, I'm watching 'Masterchef' on the telly :oS

I've nothing else to say.  Oh yes, I have.  Did anyone see 'Catherine''s comment on my blog the other day, about Postgrad tuition fees?  She reckoned that the fees won't really go up for the MA that I'm wanting to take, so I'm going to look into that a bit more.  She has given me tremendous hope.  The only thing I was wondering about, to do with the MA, is if I end up also applying to do the BSc Midwifery, will they think I'm a little crackers and flaky and indecisive if they read on my application that I've just done an MA in something completely not related to their subject?  It's a problem, when you have two ambitions that you want to pursue - the question is, will I be able to achieve both, or will one of them have to die a death before I've even started?  Hmm.  We'll see.  I'll just see how things pan out.

Waffley, waffley, waffley, waffle.  Blogging when one has nothing much to say is a bit silly!


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