Friday, 22 October 2010

Day 4. Recharging the batteries

Sometimes it's good to recharge your batteries, eh?

I'm not talking figuratively.  I actually mean that it's good to recharge your batteries, otherwise you might be in a pickle when you need to use your camera and you can't because your batteries have run dead.  So  don't forget to recharge.
Do you like my batteries?  I thought I'd take a picture of them for you, because they're a very pretty set.  Green's my favourite colour you see, so I feel very lucky to have green batteries.

Now I'm treating you to a photo of me.  I'm pondering possible hub topics whilst waiting for my batteries to charge.  Obviously, I have two sets of batteries, because I wouldn't have been able to take this photo if the batteries in the camera were on charge.  Don't be silly.

Anyway, it's fun, this hubbing-blogging challenge.  It's only day four of the challenge and already I look like this most of the time.  It's very difficult to think of hub topics when you know you have to come up with a new one every day, and you have got very much time to considering whether or not it's going to work.  I'm spending a lot of time disregarding many ideas very quickly, mainly because I can't think of a funny angle on them.  I didn't intend for all of my hubs to have humour in them, but they just turn out that way.

I am thinking that my life is being overtaken by hubbage, but it's a very good thing because it's forcing me to practise writing.  It's forcing me to tackle topics that I might otherwise avoid.  I wrote about crying last night because I was short on time and another topic didn't present itself.  It was kind of good that I couldn't think of anything else, because the hub turned out quite well, and I found more things to talk about than I expected.  I haven't decided on today's topic yet.  83.7% of the words and pictures that pop into my head are dull, and disregarded almost before they've even registered.  15.2% of topics fill me with instant dread - they are way too hard for my small brain to process properly.  1.1% are just right - that's an awful lot of thinking in a day.  But I'm getting used to it.

What I need to stop doing is staying up until after midnight with the hubs, because I'm having trouble staying awake during the day.  Idiot!  Stands to reason I'll write better hubs, and I'll write them much quicker, if I get a decent night's sleep.

Oh.  I just had a good idea for generating more ideas.  But I won't be able to implement it until I have more followers because it'll require some reader participation.  I could use Twitter for it, or Facebook, and ask my friends and followers to suggest topics for me.  I could start to treat my hubpage like a magazine/newspaper column and ramble away about all kinds of random stuff.  And, I might even learn some stuff, eh?

Oh, that reminds me.  This is very exciting, more exciting than anything else in my life right now.  I've bought the boys a very small globe this morning.  They've really latched on to my idea of doing projects at home.  We're going to learn about the world, its countries, its seas, its people, its histories, its place in the Universe.  We're going to draw pictures of the interesting things that we learn.  And we're going to do a good bit of writing and practising with numbers.  And we're going to glue things on, like grains of rice, pieces of pasta.  I think we will do our projects on big A1 sized pieces of paper.  Thomas and James will be able to take them to school to show to their classes.  It's time we started taking our teaching responsibilities much more seriously I think - we've been slacking again, and letting our boys down.  Two glowing reports at Parents' Evening for Thomas and James, but my report on my own start to the academic year says 'must try a wee bit harder.'

This is our globe :)  Soon there will be pictures of our 'About the World' posters :D  This is going to be A LOT of fun!  Saturday afternoons will never be the same again!  

Oh, and there's my hub topic for today!  How to revolutionise Saturday afternoons - particularly rainy ones.  Off to write it now.

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