Friday, 29 October 2010

Day 11.

Look what we made today :)  Marshmallows (Matthew says Smashmallows), on sticks, covered in chocolate and sprinkles and things.  The ones on the bottom shelf are teeny smashmallows, covered in much more chocolate and sprinkles and things.  They're very delicious, but not moreish, because they make you feel just nice.  If you had more than one you wouldn't feel so nice.

That is basically all that we have achieved today.  Oh, I did fold a big pile of washing.  That is all.  We have watched more films and sprawled on the couch some more.  This half term has been the holiday of sprawling.  It's been very nice.  The boys love this kind of time at home, and I certainly do.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to find some energy because it's time to get ready for Christmas!  I don't want to live in this pigsty any longer - I want to donate most of the contents of our house to charity.  Ooh, for the house to be almost empty... divine.

That is all I have to say today.  My eyelids are drooping and I have to give in and go to bed, even though I'm behind again on the hubs - tomorrow I will be five hubs behind, oh dear.

Night all.

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