Sunday, 24 October 2010

Day 6.

I fell behind with the blogs and hubs, because I didn't get any time to write yesterday.  It's okay to have more than one hub to write in a day, because it makes sense - two different hubs, two different topics.  But it's kind of strange writing two blog entries in one day, because a blog is like a diary - you wouldn't write one diary entry, sign off, and then start the next one straight away!  But because we had some photos from today, I've got away with it :)

Ooh, it's been a very busy and fulfilling weekend.  We've done so much.  We didn't do one of the things we planned, but there's not much you can do about a hangover once the damage has been done.  Urgh.  Yesterday James and Thomas had footie, which we always really enjoy.  Matthew's a right pain because he's discovered that running off towards the road can be a lot of fun, little sod!  So we do spend quite a lot of time catching him and bringing him back to the pitch.  Next week I'm strapping him into the pram :)  James and Thomas have a ball at football training though - it's very fascinating to watch them joining in and having a go.  Thomas is pretty wary of the ball during the little matches that they play, and he runs for it, but then doesn't know what to do with it when he gets near it, so he backs off and lets someone else take it.  Bless him.  He was very grown up yesterday, and told my mum that he knows that James is better at football than him - bless him.  He wasn't at all embarrassed by it though - he just enjoys the running and around, and he's aware that his talents lie elsewhere: his drawing and his stories and projects, and also his aikido.  Very mature :)  James is braver with the ball - the four-year-olds are funny, as they just run after the ball in a pack.  James was really improving yesterday though, he was getting to grips with the idea of finding space and making himself available for passes and throws.  The pack is starting to spread out ever so slightly now.  Little cuties!

In the afternoon, we worked on our space project.  It was very successful indeed.  We have half filled our sheet of A1, and have planned the rest for next weekend.  The work is almost all Thomas's, as James and Matthew were ridiculously tired from staying up until 10pm the night before.  They just wanted to watch the telly.  I got them to each draw a planet (James did Jupiter, and Uranus actually, and Matthew did Pluto) and then I let them go because they were disrupting the whole class!  (I'd be a useless primary school teacher, really I would - no patience when children are exhibiting behaviour that puts my crafting materials at risk!)  Thomas was tireless, and I'd no sooner mentioned an idea than he was scribbling away and getting it done.  Little star.  He enjoyed himself enormously, and can't wait for next week to finish off learning about space.  He's full of ideas for the next project, and I think he's rather keen to learn about the Wild West!  Hmm - tricky, because I'll really want to teach him the truth about these things as far as I can, but I'm not very clued up on these things.  I'll have to do my own research first I think.  See, we're all learning, not just the boys - it's marvellous.  Next week Thomas will be doing some writing for the space project, and maybe will do some work on the computer - maybe typing out some labels and titles, and writing up some space facts.  And we'll print some amazing pictures too.  And I've an idea for recreating an artistic interpretation of a nebula!  Oh yes.  I bet you're impressed.  I am.

Here's what it looks like so far:

Today we meant to go to the Kids' Club at the cinema, because Kev didn't get to see Toy Story 3 with us, lol.  But we slept in very late, because we had rather large hangovers - oops.  Serves us right for staying out so late and understandably annoying our babysitter (very sorry Stinky Pete - I won't ask you to babysit for a long time :oS )   Thomas was a very grown up little person today, and got breakfast for himself and his little brothers - they had cereal with milk on.  He even cleaned up Matthew's milk spillage!  I was enjoying my lazy morning, dosing a bit, listening to the boys being lovely to each other, and heard Thomas very nicely and patiently asking the littlies to turn the TV off and come to the table for their breakfast.  What a little superhero :)  He's been absolutely wonderful this weekend, and Kev and I have just been catching each other's eye and beaming with tremendous pride.

We had a lovely lunch at the Mill at Conder Green.   And then we went for a walk along the canal - we were lucky enough to be there when a boat was going through the locks, and the boys all helped to open and close the gates - they were understandably thrilled to bits!  We treated them to some strawberries and bananas with dipping chocolate back at the Mill after that - they'd worked very hard!  We hadn't worked very hard, but we needed the sugar for our hangovers so we had some cake as well.

Lovely, lovely weekend.  And there's a whole seven days of loveliness to come - I love the school holidays :)

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