Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Day 1

Quick blog, just so's I can say that this is Day 1!

I've challenged myself (and also my friend Sazzle) to blog for thirty days.  I was going to say 100 days, but since I'll be hubbing every day too, I thought I'd probably be really sick of thinking and typing, and would be in need of a day or two off in a month's time.  This can be the trial, and if I like the routine of blogging and hubbing every day, then perhaps I'll challenge myself to the hundred days.  And perhaps you'll be really sick of me scrabbling around, trying to find interesting things to talk about, and not succeeding.

I have hubbed today (it really does sound quite wrong, doesn't it?!).  I hubbed about my bad parenting.  I don't know what I'll hub about tomorrow, but I think I'm going to have to carry a list with me, for noting down hub ideas - I'll probably think of lots each day, and if I don't write them down, of course, they'll instantly disappear as soon as I sit down to hub.  If you haven't looked at my hubs, and have no intention of doing so, this will mean absolutely nothing to you.  Hubs are like mini-articles (actually some are very lengthy, but none of mine are yet), and you're supposed to try to be informative and interesting and original in them.  Lots of people use the Hubpages, and lots of people leave comments on your hubs.  It's all very encouraging.  I've never really seen a negative comment on there - you get to moderate your own comments, so I guess hubbers must delete those that they don't like.  The way to say that you don't like hubs is to 'vote them down'.  I'm getting some views every day, and a few comments.  But I'm hoping that by hubbing daily I will start to get lots of views and better ratings.  Mind you, I have to come  up with some interesting reads to keep my readers!  I don't know if I'll be able to do that.  We'll see.  It's worth a bash, eh? :)

So I'd better get to bed now, before Professor Brian Cox's fabulous 'Wonders of the Solar System' draws me in again, even though I've seen it before.  Night.  Happy hubbing and blogging everyone.  Do feel free to join in the challenge!  And let us know if you are, so we can read and encourage :)

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