Monday, 18 October 2010

Get over it!

It's amazing, how a little time heals little hurts.  I'm not being flippant, I know it's not so great for big hurts, and takes a lot longer.  But little hurts are what I'm talking about, such as the little bit of grief you feel after you've experienced something wonderful.  I'm talking about our trip to Barbados of course.  When we got back everyone was a little down (a couple of us more than the rest, because they had some horrible news, which is not mine to tell - love to you both, thinking of you), as is only right and natural.   I was too.  But I don't get down about things like I used to.  Grief used to strike me after I'd been in a show when I was in my teens and early twenties.  My first show was Oklahoma!, when I was seventeen, and I was so tremendously sad for weeks after it was over, it had been such an intense experience for me.  I'd had a big part in the production, and had been to months of rehearsals, and had sung two solos and had danced and had learned lines!  It was fantastic, and then it was gone.  So it is a kind of grief.  But I'm much wiser these days, in my thirties (oh, I'm so old - NOT!).  No-one close to me has actually died, so I'd just better bloody well get over it and move on to the next good thing.  That's what I do now.  I don't spend too much time dwelling on what I'm not doing (i.e., not being in Barbados and being lazy), and concentrate instead on what I could be doing soon (i.e., anything I like, my destiny is my own to control).  What right have I to mope about, bemoaning the fact that I can't waste my life away on a beach in a tropical paradise, when there are people in the world who can't even afford the price of a cup of tea?  There's always someone worse off than me, and I try to remember that when I feel sorry for myself.  It works a treat, and I cheer up almost immediately.

So this morning I have enrolled myself on the teeny creative writing course that I mentioned last time, the evening course in November (when I say teeny creative writing course, I mean that the course only lasts a few weeks, not that we have to scribble in tiny writing in tiny notebooks - although that would be possible, I do have all sizes and shapes of stationery, because I have a stationery addiction, a bit like Stephen Fry's addiction for Apple hardware, only less expensive).  Well, almost enrolled.  The lady I spoke to couldn't find the course fee on her system, so she'll phone me back with that when she finds it.  But my name is on the list at least :)  Ooh.  I'm excited.  I do love a course.  It's a couple of years since I did one, and it's been a nice break, but I've missed those deadlines.

Another development is that my tutor from Aberystwyth did say that he would be happy to do a reference for me for the MA, but mentioned needing to look up my academic record.  When he said that I realised that he might not be the best person to provide a reference for me, because my academic record at Aberystwyth was not what you would call 'good'.  Hmm.  Perhaps I will provide three references.  Mind you, it will show that I've matured.  Because I will ask my human physiology tutor for a reference also, and that should be a glowing one - although he might be confused as to my change of direction, since he probably thought I would be doing the BSc in Midwifery by now.  Oh.  I foresee some problems with my references.  The trouble is, no-one in an academic field has read my writing, or assessed it in any way.  I shall ponder this a little more.  Or perhaps I will ring the tutor of the MA and ask his advice.  He must surely be understanding with people who have been out of education and work for a long time.  Mm, I will phone him in a minute.  That will be a good and productive thing to do.

The other thing I'm doing today is getting my First Chapter competition entries ready to send off.  I do have plenty of time, since the competition doesn't close until summer 2011.  But since both chapters are pretty much ready (not so the synopses, but I'll whip those up in a jiffy), I may as well get them in early, and save myself the hassle of leaving it until the last minute (as I usually do).  Time to pull my finger out (where does that expression come from?), and get my writing read.

Have you noticed the absence of exclamation marks in this entry today?  I've gone through and taken them out.  I have decided that I use them too often, feeling it necessary to use them in order to indicate the points at which I am making a joke.  But I can see that my jokinesses are pretty obvious even without '!', so I'm endeavouring to use them less.  Stephen Fry (my God of all things lovely) hardly uses them at all, and it's perfectly apparent when he is quipping.  (Ooh, I just inserted a '!' there, and had to hastily remove it.)

'Right lovely peeps, I'm off', the girl says,
And quick as a flash, off she sweeps.

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  1. Big Loves to you as always and you know where I am if you need to talk X