Saturday, 30 October 2010

Day 12.

Ooh, getting further and further behind with my hubs.  But at least I have plans for topics for each day now, so writing them should be fine once I get on with it.  Couldn't manage it tonight, too tired.  Starting tomorrow with proper effort.

Me and Thomas had a lovely morning.  James did in the end.  Football on Saturday mornings at the moment, of course.  (Kev didn't come to watch this morning as he has a bad back, and standing about in the cold probably wouldn't have been the best thing for it.)  Well, James was exhausted from having a bit of a late night last night - movie night, Back to the Future III - so he wasn't feeling very well.  He missed his football this morning, because on the way down to the college where they play he got himself into a right state, and had just decided that it would be the end of the world if he played today.  Fine.  I wasn't going to force him because he would have disrupted everything for the other kids, and then he would've run off and tried to escape and get back home :)  So.  He doesn't have these tantrummy things very often, so it's obvious he's very tired when he does.  But it meant that the three of us got to have a nice natter in the college cafe while Thomas powered up with sugary and fatty snacks (crisps and a Chomp), ready for his footy.  Thomas had a super session today - he saved lots of shots when he was in goal, and he also made his first successful tackle!  Astounding!  Amazing!  Ace!  :)  He was very pleased with himself today.  I was very pleased with him too.  I'm not really bothered whether or not he's good at football, but when he does well he enjoys it more and that's always a good thing :)

Wee Jamsie, practising penalties :)

Thomas having a go at taking penalties too.

Matthew seizing the opportunity to make a run for it.

I've no photos of Thomas at aikido, but he's enjoying that very much.  He's always practising his rolls and I find that just fascinating, watching him throwing himself into a shoulder roll and finishing standing up.  Cor!  Wish I could do that!

That was all we did today really.  It's been a lovely lazing about sort of holiday, and I asked the boys if they've enjoyed it and they really have.  We had such a busy summer that they didn't really have chance to rest before they were right into school and busyness.  So I thought it would be a good idea to watch millions of DVDs and just play in the house this week.  Good move.  Why not.  Lovely.

Back to work next week.  Stuff to do.  Time to get on with it all.  Motivation *deep breath in, deep breath out*

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