Thursday, 11 March 2010

Ahh, that's better :)

*Takes deep (ish) breath in, coughs a bit, breathes in again carefully*. Ah, that is better. It's wonderful waking up to find that you're not ill any more. I do not write when I am ill, anywhere, not even with a pen and paper; which is why I haven't been in cyber-contact for a few days. I've only had bronchitis, and am still getting over it, *cough, cough, wheeze*. But I'm feeling much better today because my fever has gone. And I'm looking forward to doing some stuff, such as eating a whole meal, going outside in the garden for some fresh air with the boys, reading some picture books, and just doing some laughing and tickling probably. Life is good again, so I won't dwell on the rubbish few days we've just had. Waste of time :) The sunshine is streaming in through my window, the heating is not on and I still feel warm enough - Spring is certainly here in Lancaster, and I feel refreshed. I am so incredibly glad and grateful that sicky bugs, bronchitis and colds are all we ever have to deal with - I can't imagine how I would cope if I had something much more serious to contend with, as several people I know have these past few years. Those people are amazing, and I have so much respect and awe for them.

I am looking forward to Monday now - I love Monday mornings, freak that I am. It'll be good to start a new week, healthy and full of energy. Thomas has been poorly again too, with a nasty bug - has spoiled that 100% attendance record we were aiming for at school, but never mind, there's always next year. But it'll be great for him to get back on his bike to get to school (he doesn't ride it all the way to school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as we don't have time because we have to take James and Matthew to nursery first; he rides it from the car to school, but quite rightly, because any mileage at all on that awesome bike that is an extension of his person is better than nothing!). I bet it'll rain though, ha! But I don't mind - I could quite fancy a dance about in a good downpour right now.

No photos of us today, because I don't tend to take pictures of us lying about watching telly for hours on end, looking like zombies. So here is a picture of the sky, as it was a few nights ago, taken from our back bedroom window.

I wrote an email to Lancaster Guardian today. I asked them if they would like to publish my blog. Crikey. I'm a bit nervous. Partly nervous that they might say no - but perhaps more nervous that they might say yes! That would actually be classed as being published, I think. I could certainly put it on my C.V.. Well, we'll see.

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