Friday, 12 March 2010

Chicken soup

I've been very wobbly today on account of not getting my appetite back. Tt, it's annoying that a daft little chest infection can make a person so ill. But ohhhhhhhh - yum, yum! Kev, who has been off work for a few days to look after me and the boys, has just made me some proper chicken soup! How lucky am I? First of all, very lucky that he could take time off at all, and secondly, Very lucky to be given this gift of the most splendid chicken soup I have ever eaten, I can tell you. We had a roast chicken yesterday, with veggies and proper gravy (he's been looking after us super, super well!), and he boiled up the carcass this morning and turned the stock into this amazing soup. I just can't do this beautiful broth justice in words, it was truly heavenly. It was creamy, it was herby, it was chickeny, it was salt and peppery, it was soothing and delectable. It didn't have any unnecessary vegetables in it, no need for carrots and other things that would ruin it; just slurpy and succulent deliciousness. There's a little bit left, so I might finish it off!
What is it about chicken soup that is so healing? It's famously good for the soul, and many say that it's good for colds and such. Chicken soup is made all over the world in differing forms, so there must be something in it. Protein? I don't know whether it actually does make a person well, but it certainly makes my soul feel loved. Never again will I throw the chicken bones in the bin, until they have been boiled and have given up all of their flavour. Mmmmm.


  1. Can you clone him???? failing that can he give lessons to less able males???

  2. Hey, don't worry, he's not like this ALL the time!

  3. I have found it and I have to agree... only mine was from a can lol. BUT it was good :)