Monday, 8 March 2010

Stuff and things, and that.

D'you know, I just don't know what I'm going to write today. I know that I've only been blogging here for a little while, but most days I've just known what I wanted to write about. Today I do not.
I should really be working on my book. I like working on my book. But it's very hard work - especially when you're doing typing up and are distracted by thoughts of Facebook updates every few minutes. Facebook might be the route of all evil actually, in terms of stopping me from getting my book written. I'm a person of very little will power, and am rubbish at preventing myself from opening a browser and clicking on the Facebook button. I really should exercise a lot more self control. I've managed very well with the not drinking (I drank this weekend, at the beer festival, but I did promise myself that little drinky when I said I was giving up!) - so surely I can manage to keep off Facebook until I've done a good couple of hours of work. I mean, I'm stupid really, because I know that the feeling I get from producing some good pages of writing can buoy me up for days - Facebook can't do that!

So. I think it's time to ban Facebook from my computer - I can only go on it if I've worked on my book for two hours. Anything less than two proper work-filled hours, and Facebook is out of bounds. I wonder if I could set myself a Facebook disabler? Hmmm. Probably not. I can't disable the internet completely, because I often use it to check things on Wikipedia and such as I'm writing. Well, exercises in will power are good. I must just get on with it and stop being pathetic!

On other things: this weekend was the first weekend in a long time when we had Kev's attention for the full two days :D It was very, very nice. He did not get distracted by The Shed, and did not try to build anything or fix anything. He did not go to work (apart from an hour yesterday evening while I was getting the kiddoes ready for bed, but he was back to tuck two of them in - Thomas was already asleep, because he had exhausted himself at the skate park). Mostly we were out in the fresh air with bikes. James has really got the hang of riding without the stabilisers now; I'm so, so proud of him. He can set off by himself, and stop, without falling over. He was exhausted yesterday, and did keep dropping the bike; but he made it from the skate park, all the way down the cycle track, to our house - I suppose that's over half a mile, maybe getting on for a mile. I felt pretty terrible, I can tell you, when he collapsed on the couch when he got home and had a temperature of 39.4˚c!!! Ah. That was why he cried the whole way home - I'd thought it was just because he was tired :S (He's fine today - just one of those random fevers that they get, seemingly for no reason.) But I'm going to let him ride his bike to school this week, in the afternoon when we have plenty of time. There are some narrow bits of pavement where he will have to push it, but there are lots of wide bits where he will be fine. And it will be good exercise for me because I will have to run with the pram to keep up!!!

And Thomas was a very brave little lad yesterday. He went into the skate park by himself. The rest of us stay around the outside of it because Matthew has a tendency to get in the way of the skaters! Thomas demonstrated his fearlessness yet again, taking his broken skateboard in amongst all the much bigger ones, and trying to do a trick or two - he has no idea how to really use it, but it's fantastic to watch him having a go. He rides his bike around in there very confidently, trying a few ramps, and getting used to the half-pipe. He doesn't get to be very adventurous when it's busy, and it's better for him when he's the only one there. But watching the teenagers is great for him all the same, and he can see what it is that he's aiming for. Here are a few pictures of Thomas in the skate park.

I think that's all I have to say today. A bit random, but never mind. I think I now have a temperature myself, having caught some chestiness from the boys. I will go and have a lemony-honey drink and relax with a book for an hour before collecting some of my children. :) Good times.

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