Monday, 22 March 2010

Oh, I'm excited now :D

Eeeeeeeh! I collected the last payments for my birthday activity this morning, and rushed straight home to book it. I'm so excited, and we only have to wait eleven more days for it :D Me, and seven friends (and family) are going to Go Ape at Grizedale Forest. Oooooh, it's going to be great. I've done it before, and a couple of our party have too. But it was such an awesome, awesome experience that I wanted to share it with Kev, and with Noomski (and with Jessica, who is Noomski's fiancee) - they haven't done it before. I tell you, when I did the Buxton course on my friend's hen weekend I did want to live in the trees for the rest of my life :D I've always loved forests, trees, and mountains and such. An ideal place to live, for me, would be a little village in Austria, surrounded by big mountains, with a dense forest nearby where I could go climbing. Oh, heavenly. Then I would learn to ski properly too. Mm-mmm, schnapps, schnitzel, and err ... schnow?

Ooh, ooh! And I just remembered something else from today. Today is let's-do-extreme-ish-type-sports-that-we've-never-done-before-day. Kev went to look at paddles for the two canoes that we have in the back garden. He was given them by someone at work, and they've been sitting in our garden for a few weeks, waiting to be fixed because they have holes in them. He and Noomski are going to fix them up, and make them pretty - Noomski applying his considerable artistic talents to paint them with some splendid designs. So anyway, Kev asked the guy at the canoe shop about a few things. It's a bit of an initial layout for the equipment we would need, but after that it's cheap as owt, and Kev would love it if we could be a canoeing family! The canoe shop man said that we should think about joining Lancaster Canoe Club, because it's very family friendly and they have lots of equipment that we could use. It would be a great place to start, and I think I would love to canoe. I know the boys would love it - not Matthew quite yet: I think a two-and-a-half-year-old would struggle to get the idea, no? So we're going to look into that. I don't know if we can really start canoeing right now, it might have to be something we bear in mind for the future. It would involve calling upon our babysitters quite a bit, since we would be wanting to canoe at weekends presumably. I don't ever like committing myself to things that mean I have to ask someone to babysit regularly, as I feel like I'm being very cheeky. But perhaps Kev could get started right away, and the rest of us could join when Matthew's big enough to take part too. Anyway, it's another exciting thing that we've got to look forward to. I'd rather we went off at the weekends doing fun things together, than spend the afternoons standing by the side of a football pitch and cheering on the boys in all horrible weathers (yes, I know I said that I love rain, but I do not love standing in it for two hours watching a game that I have very little interest in - and I know I should be interested in it if my children are playing, but I think that I would hate it!!! I'm just being honest :D I do enjoy watching England or Liverpool play, but that is usually in the comfort of a nice pub, and I am usually accompanied by some beer!)

I think it's so important to keep doing new things, forever. I hope I don't start to stop doing new things when I reach a certain age. I shouldn't think a person's ever too old to learn, are they? Hope not. When I'm 113 - don't laugh, I told my grandma that I thought I probably had another eighty years to live, and she laughed, but I'm serious!!! - I can see myself finally getting around to finding out more about ornithology or astronomy, or any of the other million and one things that I'd like to know about. We don't have enough time to learn as much as we'd like, but that's no reason to stop learning altogether. We're here for a bit, so we might as well pack life with loads of stuff! Otherwise, what are we here for?

Right, I'm off to sleep now. It's early, but I'm bushed. Did lots of work on my book this morning, so I have earned a nice early night. Mmm, lovely.

Here are some photos: me getting ready for my first (and only, so far) flying lesson; me on a zipwire at Buxton Go Ape; me sporting a lovely harness at Buxton Go Ape.


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