Sunday, 21 March 2010

Summer rain.

So, what do you think of rain? I really love it. But sometimes I do forget that I love it, and I should remind myself more. I'm thinking of rain at the moment because earlier in the week the weather was kind of glorious for the first time in a long time, but there was one day - can't remember which one - when it felt like there was some pretty low pressure around and that we might get a thunder storm. Now that, I love! I do absolutely wish for thunder storms. I have a memory, that I'm not sure is real and might in actual fact be a memory of a dream, of Noomski and me running across the park with our grandma. It started to hammer it down, and then the thunder started. I was absolutely terrified, but extremely excited at the same time. It was truly awesome. When the rain batters down and soaks you to the skin within seconds, and the wind whips around you and makes your hair stick to your face, and you become so wet that you might as well stop running to get home and just stay out and enjoy the storm, is one of the times when I feel most especially alive.
But we don't get storms much here, do we? I think it's a shame. I don't want anyone to be flooded or anything, but just a good blast of thunder and lightning, and some torrents of rain for ten minutes would be lovely. Last summer I watched the most amazing rain from my dining room. The drops were HUGE, great big pearls of fresh and cold water. I had the patio door open, and although it only rained for about five minutes before the sun came back out, the floor by the door was drenched. I was busy when it rained that time, making tea or something. But a few weeks before it happened I had said to Kev that next time we got a rain storm like that I wanted to go out for a prance about in it. Well, I missed that one, and thought that I might have to wait another year for the next one. But lo! We were treated to another a few weeks later, and even though I was making tea again, I abandoned it and legged it out the back door and had a good dance about in the pouring rain. It was glorious. Thomas and James couldn't resist joining me, and we ran about the garden like crazy people, whooping and laughing. It was just delicious. I did fancy stripping off and doing it properly, but I thought I saw a few curtains twitching so didn't try it! Maybe if we get a storm when it's dark ;)
I'm always a bit disappointed when we pick Thomas up from school and the rain stops! I'm not much of a fan of walking to school and back in the pouring rain, it gets perishing cold, especially for Matthew in the pram. But I do like when we drive to school and it starts to rain heavily as we get there. Sometimes it stops just long enough for us to collect Thomas, but sometimes it starts just as he comes out of school, and we all run back to the car screaming with laughter. It's so funny, I love it. There's something so refreshing about driving home with wet clothes and hair and getting the towels and dry clothes out as soon as we get back. It's all about being alive, and just being so blinkin' happy to be here :) And when the kids go straight into school in the morning because it's pouring I always saunter back across the playground with a big Monday-morning grin on my face, and the other parents must think I'm a right nutter, he he! I just wish I was brave enough to splash in the puddles like James and Matthew.

I have no pictures of rain. Hmmm. What can I show you today? I've only got snow pictures, but that's not right. Oh, I might have one or two from a couple of summers ago - hang on. I'll be right back.

No, the internet is not playing today, and photos are taking a ridiculously long time to upload - so, for the first time, no photos in my post!!! I'm so sorry, please forgive me. I'll post a few tomorrow :)

Night all.

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