Sunday, 18 April 2010

Are girls actually more breakable than boys?

I was wondering about this, after a little thing that happened at The Zone the other day. I sometimes think my boys are little softies, lol, but essentially I know that they're really quite tough. We love nothing more than a good fight in our house, from time to time. You know the kind when the kids get chucked around the living room and leap off the furniture and roar and laugh their heads off right up until the point when someone cracks their head? Well, we like a bit of that :)

Anyway, when we were at The Zone, I found this teeny little girl right at the top of the soft play structure thingy. She was on her own, and looked absolutely petrified. She wasn't speaking - out of shock I think - and was just looking at me as though she was about to cry, bless her. I helped
Matthew down first, and then asked if she'd like me to help her down. Bless the little wee thing, she held her arms out to me. If I'd known her I would've immediately just grabbed her and chucked her down after my lads - but I had to have a look about first to see if there was a parent about who might be looking for her (you never know if you're allowed to touch other people's kids these days, do you?!). There was no-one around, so I hoisted her up onto my hip and took her down to the level below. When I lifted her up though, I almost laughed out loud, as I must have just picked her up as I do Matthew - she looked even more terrified, if that's possible, and threw her arms around my neck. I plonked her down when we got down the ladder, and she looked completely shocked again. I'm absolutely positive that it was because she'd never been chucked about like that before. It was so funny. I'd never really realised how rough we are in our family, but this brought it home to me - in a nice way :) But anyway, I took her right down to the bottom and her mum was there waiting for her - why her mum wasn't in there playing with her, I don't know, grrrrrr! Anyway, it all made me wonder if people generally treat girls and boys differently. If I had girls would we still have our mad half hours, or would we sit about doing girl things instead? Urgh! I suppose I know the answer to that one - I'm a girl myself, after all, and I don't really do girly stuff. If I had a daughter she'd have to put up with being roared at and hurled about the room for a laugh if she was to fit in with the rest of the family!

But what about other people? Do they treat their girls and boys differently? I have no idea. I see lots of girls dressed in pink and dresses all the time and worry for them - worry that they don't get to be boisterous and rowdy! I hope they do :)

Oh, by the way, today's pictures were Kev's idea. Last year I wrote a short story about a couple who decide to separate, but the fella decides to do his missus in at the last minute, and hits her over the head with her favourite Tiffany lamp - our pictures are a representation of that story :D I'm not sure what the ketchup was for!

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  1. LOL at menacing Kev!!

    Not sure if its a boy/girl thing to be honest Lindy-poos, Abbie is a very girlie girl, refuses to wear trousers etc, but you can chuck her about till the cows come home, Pheebz is a tomboy, I tend to treat with kid gloves cos of her heart, but believe me that doesnt stop her, she hurtles at life full pelt - she fell off the couch yesterday and immediately got back on the couch and tried to do the same thing again. Harry is my biggest girl, he is so soft and sensitive - if you rough house too much he will cry a lot, but he is a very sensitive soul.

    I think it is very much the kid rather than the gender X