Thursday, 29 April 2010

Who are they?!

So I've been having a look at my Clustrmap every day, and seeing that there's always someone looking at my blog. Some days I get about six or seven visits, but other days I get about sixteen. I think that's amazing, considering that I don't know that many people. I am assuming that the people who read my blog are people who know me personally, but I suppose I could have been accidentally found by strangers by now. I have only four followers though, so I have no idea who most of the other watchers are. Perhaps that is a good thing - perhaps I'd be scared to write if I knew who everyone was! I've not found this blog thing particular nerve-wracking though, apart from the first post I shared to Facebook. I did worry that I'd get lots of comments about what a silly and naive little girl I am! But since that initial sort of oh my god, everyone's going to see what I've written feeling, I've not really been bothered by that kind of stage fright. (Now that I've said that I'm a little bit nervous!) And in fact, blogging has made my actual diary redundant, which is a bit of a shame because I was enjoying keeping it. But I'm finding that I no longer feel a desperate need to write things in a book that isn't going to be read until after I'm dead! It's weird, but I do feel like I'm actually talking to people in my blog - even though I don't know exactly who's listening - whereas, in my diary, I am just talking to myself.
But the Clustrmap is a lovely thing, because I can see exactly where I'm being visited from. There's that nice big red spot over the North of England, which is where most people are looking from - they must be my family and friends. But there are a couple of medium-sized spots in the South. Not entirely sure who they are, but lots of friends from Uni are in London-and-surrounding-area. I keep hoping that I'll get some views from somewhere other than Europe and North America, but perhaps I'll have to wait until my novels have been translated into seventy-nine languages for those.

Here is me getting ready for my flying lesson. I've already posted this picture, a few entries ago. But I was just thinking of being in a little plane to go and have a look at the world, and see where my visitors are. I haven't done any of my dream flying for a while, so I might do that before I go to sleep. If any of you fancy joining me, I'm thinking of having a look at the Great Wall of China first, probably around about 11.30pm GMT.

Oh! Passports - can someone please remind me to get a passport form from the Post Office tomorrow? I don't really need it for the dream flying, but if I don't order my passport very soon I will not be able to go to Noomski and Jessica's wedding in October - since I am the Best Man I think it's important that I be there!

Night all :)

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