Thursday, 8 April 2010

Well, what a shocker!

Who would ever have thought it, after I'd railed so vehemently against it, that I would end up loving it afterall?! I did fully expect to dislike Twilight intensely. I'd read some opinions on a few forums, and had planted myself firmly on the side of the nays. I was determined to see Edward Cullen - the devastatingly beautiful love interest of our feisty heroine, Bella - as an abuser, a tyrant, a control freak. But he's not written that way at all. I have to admit that Stephanie Meyer's writing is beautiful, flowing in such a dreamy and silky way. Her heroine is not at all a damsel, but a strong and independent young woman who makes her own choices. Edward is only possessive and jealous in the same way as we all are when we are in love for the first time - there's nothing sinister about it: which is bizarre, because he's a vampire! It's a beautifully written love story, and I'm completely engrossed in it. The romancy bits are thrilling, but my favourite parts are the conversations that Bella and Edward have. They are very often funny, but always natural. I think that Stephanie Meyer must always have been a great watcher of people; she seems to have a good eye for the subtleties of human emotion and expression.
I've just glanced at the book in front of me, and laughed as I noticed that it says 'Now a Major Motion Picture' - I didn't realise that anyone still called films Motion Pictures. Ha.

Anyway, I don't really feel like writing about anything else this evening. I'm just too eager to get back to my book, get it finished, and get on to the second part. I'll have to get into town to get the last two books soon, as it's not going to take me long to get through them!

Tomorrow I'm being given a morning off :) Kev is off, and he just asked if I'd like to be alone for a few hours. Would I??! James and Matthew are at playschool, and Kev is going to take Thomas out for a bit of golfing practise. Lovely. The house to myself, while I wait in for the washing machine engineer - I shall get to do a bit of writing, in proper peace. D'you know, I might even make a morning of it, and get myself some chocolate too!

Night :)

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