Monday, 21 June 2010

Painted toenails

Did not achieve much at all this weekend. Sometimes that's just the way it is, and I'm not going to beat myself up about it. Most weekends we do something nice, go for a long walk or something, or just spend some good time playing. But now and again I'm a little burnt out, and I just have a lazy couple of days. When Kev came home from work on Saturday Thomas dobbed me in:

Kev: What've you been doing today?
Thomas: Well, actually, Mummy's been pretty lazy.
Kev: Oh yeah?
Thomas: Yeah. She stayed in bed until lunch time, and we were starving, and didn't have our lunch until tea time.
Kev: (stifling a snigger!) Oh, right.

I must just say that I did not stay in bed until lunch time. That would be neglect, I think. No, I stayed in bed until half past eight, and then got up and spent a lot of the day cleaning up my children's mess that had been created in the half hour before I got up. But I did sit down for a couple of hours and watch Billy Elliot with them. But he's a cheeky chuff that young Thomas, because we played some nice games together. We played Usborne football snap (this link won't last forever because it's from a shop, so click on it now if you don't want to miss it!), and we played in the garden a lot, doing much wrestling and chucking of the giant birthing ball!
This is not me on this particular birthing ball! This is just a picture from Google. Our birthing ball is blue, and it lives in the garden, and it was never used for 'birthing'! But it has been worth its money, because it has been used as a marvellous giant ball for throwing and catching, and also for knocking people over in a hilarious and non-hurting way :) James loves it the most and spends a lot of time asking for it to be thrown at him, and he fends it off using various karate moves that he has learned from watching Karate Kid, and Kung Fu Panda!

Oh, I did not explain my feet photo! That is a photo of my feet, yes. I'm brave to upload that photo, because I don't really like feet. I think I have quite nice feet myself, but I don't really like looking at other people's, even if they're nice. Feet that are horrid make me shudder*. If you ever see me shudder after I've just looked at your feet, please, don't take it personally, it's completely involuntary and it doesn't mean that your feet are hideous, it's just an irrational fear that I have! I don't know what it is that I think your feet might do to me, but I am afraid of them. I can handle mine and my children's, but that is all.
But I put the photo there anyway, because this is one thing I achieved this weekend - the painting of my toenails! Personal grooming is not something I take at all seriously. As long as I'm clean I'm not really bothered about any additional stuff that I should be doing. I'm too lazy. But I do like to keep my toenails nice when it's flip flop weather, and since I have these lovely new red Reefs I thought I should compliment them with some nice silver varnish. And of course, whenever I get the nail polish out the boys swarm around me and threaten to blob and smudge my nails until I promise to do theirs too. So Thomas has gone to school with silver finger- and toenails, and Matthew has gone to nursery with his done as well. James wanted to wait until another day, I'm not sure why. Thomas said that he wasn't bothered if his friends at school called him a girl because he's used to it. Fine. Good.

So that was really all I managed to accomplish this weekend. Oh, I did manage to achieve non-grumpiness for the whole two days :D Yes, that's a major achievement, and I give myself a pat on the back for that one. And we managed to achieve, as a team, the getting of nice presents for Kev for Fathers Day :) We got him a Wii game, a DVD, and some flowers! The flowers were Thomas's idea, and he was very pleased with himself :) What a fab little boy he is. The way he sees it, mums get flowers on Mothers Day, so dads should get them on their day too. Quite right. More men should receive flowers. I will put that in my manifesto when I run for Parliament as an independent candidate!

Here's to the start of a lovely week - cheers.

*shudder sh ədər|verb [ intrans. ](of a person) tremble convulsively, typically as a result of fear orrepugnance : he shuddered with revulsion | [with infinitive ] figurativeI shudder to think of retirement. See note at shake .(esp. of a vehicle, machine, or building) shake or vibrate deeply: the train shuddered and edged forward.[usu. as adj. ] ( shuddering) (of a person's breathing) beunsteady, esp. as a result of emotional disturbance : he drew a deep, shuddering breath.nounan act of shuddering : the elevator rose with a shudder | figurative the peso's devaluation sent shudders through the market.PHRASESgive someone the shudders informal cause someone to feel repugnance or fear : it gives me the shudders to hear you use words like that.DERIVATIVESshudderingly |ˈʃəd(ə)rɪŋli| adverbshuddery |ˈʃəd(ə)ri| adjectiveORIGIN Middle English (as a verb): from Middle Dutchschūderen, from a Germanic base meaning ‘shake.’


  1. Its not just you!!!!!!! I hate feet with a passion, I can cope with Phoebe's as she has cute little baby feet, everyone else *Blergh*

    I have toyed with the idea of having a pedicure as people tell me they are very relaxing, but no it sounds like pure torture to me.

    we should start a support group - podophobics united LOL

  2. Oooooooh noooooooo, I couldn't have a pedicure! I've also got very ticklish feet - I know this because of my children tickling them - no-one else is allowed to touch my feet!

    I inherited this phobia from my mum - it's definitely her fault!

    I'll join that group - as long as it's all about avoidance techniques, because I don't want anyone to help me get used to feet, I want to stay away from them!