Friday, 18 June 2010

Randomness (with a few Wiki-links to click on - enjoy)

(First paragraph to be read in the voice of Jessica from Twilight!!):

So, have you ever, like, done some stuff, sort of thing, and like, not realised you've done it, you know, and, like, when you realise that you've done something, you like, totally don't remember doing it, and so like, you wonder whether it was, like, a ghost that did it, or something, or maybe, like, magic, or something, you know?

(Normal voice now, ta.)
I do. All that time.

This morning, I arrived home from dropping the kids of at school (cycling - YES - cycling again, wonderful pain in the legs!), and went straight round the back to put my bike away, watered some pots in the garden that were looking dry despite having been heavily watered last night, then went to the front door to finally go inside the house. But when I put my hand in my left jeans pocket to take out my keys: GASP!!! They were not there! They were in my right jeans pocket!! How had this happened? I absolutely know that I put my keys in my left jeans pocket, because I remember checking that pocket before I closed the door (because I have locked myself out a few times!). I also remember having my hands in my pockets while I was standing at school, and I know the keys were in my left pocket then. So somewhere between school and home, I have either been got by a tremendously talented and non-malicious pickpocket who has taken my keys out of one pocket, and deposited them in the other; or I have transferred my keys from one pocket to the other with the powerful power of my subconscious MIND!!! It must be the last one, because I was on my bike all the way home. I would have noticed if a talented and non-malicious pickpocket had been on the back I think.

Glad I've cleared that one up. I feel better now, knowing that I can do telekinesis. I always suspected that I could, and now I know. I am Jean Gray.

More dangerously, I do get to places in the car and not remember how I got there. I might set off to my mum's house, and arrive there a short time later, not know which route I took or even whether there were any other cars on the road. I would have no clue as to whether I stopped for any red lights, or if I killed any small animals that had run out into the road. Very dangerous. I know I am not alone in this, but I suspect - and I don't mean to generalise, or be sexist at all - that it might be a female thing. I have heard other ladies mention this strange and dangerous tendency to go into a sort of semi-catatonic state whilst driving, but I've never heard a man mention it. Perhaps the men are just lying about it though, so that they can say women are worse drivers. Or maybe it's just dizzy people in general, like me.

So anyway:
COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!

(11 exclamation marks there, for the 11 England players on the pitch at any one time! - oh, and another one there for Capello.)

Very excited about the match tonight. We are watching it at home, hopefully on the projector screen if I can work out how to turn the projector on, and how to open the screen. Hmm. Shouldn't be too difficult, but as we know in this house from previous World Cups, things rarely go to plan when it comes to projectors and screens! So we might be just watching it on the telly - either way, it's going to be exciting. The football's the main attraction of course - but what we love about the World Cup, more than any other tournaments or single matches, is that it unifies people. Yes, I know it's cliched to say it, but it's true. Alright, I know it doesn't unify everyone, because plenty of people just can't abide football. But for those who have even a passing interest, they become enthralled with it for these few weeks every four years. It unifies more than the Olympics. Unless you know people who are competing in the Olympics I don't think there are many people who open their houses and invite everyone in to watch events. But this happens all over the world when the World Cup is on - people gather together, and get excited, and cheer and scream and shout at the screen, and jump up and down and hug each other when goals are scored, and it's tremendous. It doesn't really matter who wins the tournament in the end, because the atmosphere and excitement is precious and is the best part of the whole thing, always. Two World Cups ago (I don't remember details, I'm usually just enjoying the atmosphere, and possibly being drunk as well), was it Japan or somewhere? And the games were on at strange times? And one England match started at 7 in the morning? We all trucked round to our mates' house, Phil and Hannah, and had a fantastic time. Nobody was the slightest bit bothered that it was so early in the morning - the beer flowed, the company was light-hearted and happy. Oh, I think we lost, and that was when we went out, lol, but I don't really remember all of that, because I just remember the anticipation, and the high spirits. I had to go to work afterwards, but I came back at the end of the day and everyone was still enjoying the party. Marvellous times.

Let's hope we all have a marvellous time tonight. Not a full house, by any means, but Kev's parents, and Noomski and Jessica, some barbecued food, and some beer (not for me or the kids, of course!) AND SOME FOOTBALL - WAHEY!!!



  1. Its not a female thing - Stewbert will admit to driving on auto pilot especially when tired X

  2. Oh I'm glad. That makes me feel better :)