Monday, 5 July 2010

Busy weekend

Yeah, yeah, blah-di-blah, nice weekend with the boys and all that.

BUT, I went to the cinema with Sara, to see Eclipse. Aaaaah, it was lovely :) Lots of lovely Edward, and lots of lovely Jacob. I would love to see it again, and will certainly buy the DVD and play it over and over again when it comes out.

Time to be objective though. I've had a sleep, and that has given me a little thinking time. This is what I think this morning. As we know, a film is never as good as the book it's based on, and this film was no exception to that rule. I think what's lacking in the films is the passion that is ever-present in the books. The characters in the films are much more two-dimensional, and don't have anything like as much depth to them as their counterparts in the books. They do the best with the scripts they have I think, and they almost get it right - but not quite. I always feel like there's something missing. It's as if the directors of the films are a little afraid to let emotions be as intense as they need to be. There was a glimpse of the passion we were waiting for in Eclipse, after Bella had broken her hand off Jacob's jaw, and Edward looked like he was going rip Jacob's head off - now that's what we like to see, proof of how strong his feelings are. But we're not treated to that level of intensity as often as I think we should be. It's there a lot in the books, and that's what keeps you wanting to turn the page - there are hormones and threatening looks and smouldering passions all over the place, but we only get a light dusting of them in the films. Not fair really. But they do their best, and I admire them for trying! It's not the actors' faults, but the direction makes them look as if their hearts are not really in it and as if they'd rather being making a much more gritty and intellectual film. Shame.

But what the films do nicely, is stick to the story. I hate when films go right off track, and even have plot elements added that have nothing to do with the story in the book. Eragon was a bit like that. I was very disappointed with that movie, as so much was left out, and certain characters were unrecognisable. That was a real shame, because the book is one of my favourites, it's truly excellent and I will read it again - I won't watch the film again though. It just didn't cut it! Anyway, I'm going off track here :) The Twilight movies do well to include as much of the story as possible, and really don't miss much out at all. It's mostly pieces of dialogue that are missing - not really missing either, just précised*. When you read a book, some parts of the dialogue can be so beautiful, that when you see the film you might be eagerly waiting for a certain line to appear - and when it doesn't, or when it's changed, it can be disappointing. But this is how it has to be with films - otherwise they'd all be four and five hours long, and that would be impossible. I think we have to understand that, and just work with what we're given, and love it (or hate it if it's truly awful) for what it is. Lord of the Rings did ever so well to keep as much of the story intact as they did, but even that movie couldn't retain every scene and word of dialogue. You can't dislike an otherwise great movie for having time and budget constraints!

nouna précis of the report summary, synopsis, résumé, abstract, outline,summarization, summation; abridgment, digest, overview,epitome, wrap-up.verbprécising a passage summarize, sum up, give a summary/précis of,give the main points of; abridge, condense, shorten, synopsize,abstract, outline, abbreviate; archaic epitomize.

But of course, we don't watch movies such as Eclipse to be astounded intellectually! We're not really bothered that they fall short of our expectations, because pretty quickly we grow to love them more than any other films we have ever seen or will ever wish to see. We become teenage girls again, and we slobber over the beautiful leading men, and we go all giggly and fluttery and want nothing more than to be able to stare at them for as long as possible. It really is completely pathetic, and I think there is something wrong in the brain of every woman over thirty who falls in love with this dazzling Edward Cullen, as if he were a real person whom they would stand a chance of winning! But I am one of these women - I have caught this terrible and debilitating disease, and goddammit, I wish I'd never heard of Twilight! It's ruined my life!

But enriched it at the same time.


Oh, I almost forgot. We got a good fight at the end of Eclipse. I meant to say that earlier, as one of the film's positives (there were many positives, don't get me wrong, I did really love the film - it's just easier to point out the negatives sometimes, because they can be more obvious). Because a love story's all very well, but when there are plenty of vampires and mega-wolves just milling around you need to have a good fight in the end. It's a good fight in the book, so I was hoping that there were would be some decent roaring and baring of teeth and ripping off of limbs and heads and such. I wasn't disappointed there at all - the effects in the film are great. I like the metallic crunch that you hear when some part of other of one of the vampires is forcibly removed from the rest of their body. Very satisfying.

Oh, continuity, film to film though - I'm a bit of a stickler for continuity, and this film let me down on a couple of things. Considering that vampires are supposed to be frozen in their bodies as they were when they were changed, there was an awful lot of vampire hair growth, colour change and weight loss! Esme's hair had gone from red to black, Jasper's and Emmett's hair had grown noticeably, and Rosalie had lost quite a lot of weight. Hmmm. Continuity should be strictly observed, in my humble opinion, because when there are noticeable differences, it makes you aware that you're watching a film. Once I'm in the world of the film I don't like to be brought out of it until the credits roll.

I am aware that this post is rather negative, and doesn't really reflect the mood I was in when I came out of the cinema last night, bouncing and feeling in love and giggling and suppressing little screams of joy and hysteria! That's how I really feel about this film - it makes me feel seventeen again, and that can only be a good thing :) Who cares about little imperfections in the details, when a film can strip away years and give someone back their teenagerness - miraculous. Gets my vote.

Anyway - boring post for those who don't like Twilight. Sorry :D No more, until the release of the last movie, which hasn't been filmed yet.

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