Friday, 23 July 2010

Sorry, too busy!

I just really don't have time for posting every day at the moment, I'm far too busy playing. Sorry.

Trip to Levens Hall yesterday. We've started to make a tradition of this, and usually go at some point over the summer. This time I thought we'd visit straight away, so that we might get chance to go again before September. We love it a lot. It's such an open and free and gorgeous place. The boys can just run and run and run, and laugh. We didn't get there until after lunch, but we stayed until it was almost closing time. We had so much fun, it was the best time we've spent there. We chased each other around the lawns and hid behind trees and inside hedges and under shrubs, and it was all very exhausting, but super ace :)

This morning I took Thomas swimming, and am determined to get him swimming properly by the end of the holidays. I'm going to try and take him twice a week when James and Matthew are at nursery. That was also much fun :)

This afternoon we had my friend Sarah round for a visit, and her lovely boys Joshua and Nathan. That was very nice indeed. Sarah and I had such a laugh all afternoon, and the boys all played beautifully together. They were all quite shy, so we hardly heard a peep from any of them, bless 'em. But Joshua didn't want to leave in the end, and they promised to come again next week :) Oh, Sarah and I did play a little tennis with the boys, so it wasn't all just laziness! What a glorious day it was today - I think I'm a little burnt.

The cutting of the ties with the computer and the books (during the day - I'm not superhuman, are you kidding!) has been fantastic. I've got so much patience, I've got lots of energy (despite Matthew waking in the night with random high temperatures at the moment), I've got this very pleasant desire to be with my kids all day, and to play with them, and to chat to them, and to laugh with them, and make up silly stories with them. I'm trying to teach them to juggle at the moment, which is hilarious! But they're really responding to my good mood as well, and I've never known them to be so beautifully behaved. Matthew keeps running up to me and grinning, and then hugging me for no reason! Was I really such a horror when I was choosing my books and my computer over my kids?! Oh dear. Well, I feel a little like a recovering alcoholic at this point - a recovering webaholic, a bookaholic. I could fall off the wagon at any time, so I need to be careful and not be tempted by my current book. I could just say to the kids that I'm going to read for half an hour and then before I know it three hours will have gone by and I'll've wasted half the day. Don't want to do that anymore. So I'm not going to. I've managed to pretty much give up actual alcohol, so I can give up anything I want to :)

Might not post again for a while - got Peter Pan in the Park tomorrow. Then don't know what our plans are for next week, but it's likely to be more playing and exhausting things.

Have fun y'awl :)

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