Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What a lovely day

It's rather ironic that the hosepipe ban in the North-West of England has come into proper effect now that it is raining during the day. When I heard the rain on the windows this morning when I woke up, I was a little dismayed because I'd been hoping that we'd get a little more sunshineyness soon. I don't like it too hot and sticky (at this I imagine my friends in America scoffing derisively, and saying to each other things like 'man, she doesn't even know what hot is'! I know this. But I am an average person, who enjoys average things, such as average temperatures, and average weather. Mmm.)

But I went out into town this morning - on an errand for my dad; doing errands in town for other people always give me a good excuse to go to Starbucks (you're welcome for the free advertising Starbucks) for a couple of hours, and then just nip in to Waterstone's (Waterstone's, you are also welcome: any time) to perhaps buy a book; it's not really my fault that I have so many books, it's the fault of the people who send me into town. I was wandering around, eating my chicken and shish kebab wrap, and the light rain was swirling up around me and making me think that I would probably need to put more wax on my hair when I got home. I heard myself having grumpy thoughts about needing an umbrella, and wishing for the sun to come out, when I suddenly realised that I was lying to myself. I slowed down my pace, and had a look about the street I was walking down, and noticed that it is actually a really lovely day today. It's warm out, it's not chucking it down, the drizzle is really very pleasant indeed, and I right fancy going out for a longer walk this afternoon. That may well not happen since James and Matthew usually come out of nursery stumbling over their own feet and looking all bleary-eyed after a hard morning of playing. But maybe I can persuade them with a promise of puddle splashing with wellies on.

It was nice to wander about, rainy or not, with nothing much to think about. My brain's a bit mashed at the moment, because I seem to have a lot of things to organise all of a sudden: a Stag Do for Noomski, a birthday party for Thomas, a new cooker for us, a wedding trip to pay for and a holiday to confirm, and I have several bits of admin and letters to get done. It's very strange that life can be quiet for a time, with nothing pressing on the horizon, and then all of a sudden there's a glut of urgent things to do. I always feel like shutting down and waiting for deadlines to pass me by. I think this stay-at-home lark has made me very lazy, because all I want to do now is read and write and be left alone most of the time!!! That's not true actually - I'm very much enjoying spending time with friends at the moment (but that's because being with friends is something that's easy to do and allows me to be more lazy with cups of tea and biscuits!) Anything that takes me away from my book, my computer or my pen and paper makes me grumpy. This does not include my children. That's a relief. I'm being patient with my children - although I am looking at them as if they might be potential characters in my next book. Oh dear.

Waffley, waffley post! Sorry. This post reflects the ramblingness of my thoughts today. Up and down and all over the place. Probably need an early night.



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