Friday, 12 February 2010

Aha - they need titles!

In my excitement and eagerness to begin blogging, I did not notice the Title box up there! I wondered why all the other blogs had headings and mine didn't. Idiot!

Here is a picture of me and Noomski. Noomski is
not his real name, you understand - he just doesn't like his real name, so out of respect I call him something even more stupendous. He can't physically say my name in my presence, the word just won't form, so he calls me Susan. Ridiculous, I know, that together we are Noomski and Susan - not what our parents intended at all. But there you go, such are the mysteries of life.

The photo has not gone where I put it. Hmmm. Maybe it will come out where I intended it to once I click that publish button. Such are the mysteries of technology! Noomski will not like that photo, but since he pulls ridiculously grotesque faces at the merest glimpse of a camera we're not likely to find a decent 'normal' photo of him anywhere.

Sorry. Didn't really mean to post twice in one day. Just excited about having a 'real' blog! Will go and make some delicious and nutritious food for my family now :) (I am not a mummy who stays on the computer all day long while my kids run wild around me, I hasten to add.)

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