Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Shopping for nice things.

About nineteen or twenty goldfinches in our garden yesterday, just before the sun set :) I saw seventeen a couple of weeks ago, but thought they were just passing through. Perhaps they are staying after all. We have a feeding station in our garden, in one of the borders, but I thought we might get another one to encourage even more. They love thistle seed, so I've got some more of that too. But we want to attract all kinds of birds. I have seed of all kinds, but only ever see one blue tit. We usually have one or two robins, and a pair of blackbirds. We used to have collared doves, but I haven't seen them for a long time. We did have hundreds (well, dozens) of starlings, but I stopped putting out the suet pellets because the little blighters were taking over the garden and scaring away the little ones. Watching the birds, from my kitchen window, as they feed and squabble, is one of my favourite things to do :) They just make me smile, and feel contented. If I spot them as I'm passing the window I always have to stop and watch for a while, no matter what I'm doing or if I'm in a rush.

This is our new feeding station - it's very posh! Got lots of hangers for the feeders and for fat balls. It's very wet today though, so I won't get to put it out. I'm hoping for a dry day soon, if not a warm one! Maybe we'll see some more blue tits then. I'd like to see a chaffinch, but I've never seen one around our garden at all. I did see a green finch a couple of times - that was very exciting :D

This feeding station is going in the opposite border, and then the whole garden will be filled with birds - that's the plan anyway. I'm looking forward to Spring and Summer :) And we are going to move the bird box that we have - apparently it's on the wrong wall, and we need to fix it to the house because the kitchen wall faces the right way.

Hmmm. Wished we could live in the proper countryside. I'd like a goat and some chickens :)

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