Monday, 22 February 2010


I found the blog for Kristin Cashore, the author of Graceling. What a lovely lady. I found her book completely by accident in Borders (*sniffs, sad at the loss of the most perfect bookshop*), had never heard of it, and had not seen it publicised anywhere. It was a fantastic book. My only criticism was that there wasn't more of it - I could have read a whole epic series of ten books! As it is there is only one book about Katsa, the heroine, so far. I hope there will be more. Anyway, Kristin's blog is lovely. She writes so beautifully, but seems completely normal at the same time. I believe she is 33, so about the same age as me (I will be 33 in a few weeks!), and I always feel like I'm reading the diary of a teenager, she has such an infectious enthusiasm for life, and her words exude a heartfelt joy at being alive. Her blog makes me smile - particularly the latest entry, in which she includes photos of her latest trapeze lesson! She's in my blog list (This is My Secret) if you'd like to check her out - even if you haven't read her work, she writes a good blog :)

Start of a new half-term today :D And as we all know, I love new beginnings. New beginnings can be found all over the place. I tend to have a new beginning every week - usually on a Monday. And if it's the start of a particularly large new beginning it makes me extra happy. The whole of January is the biggest new beginning for me, and I'm insufferably cheerful, when everyone else is glum :D Ha ha! February is not so much of a beginning, but it does bring me closer to my birthday in April, and birthdays always symbolise a new beginning, naturally. Friday is always the beginning of the weekend. Wednesday is the beginning of the middle of the week! 7.30pm in the evening is the beginning of a new evening all to myself! 6.30am is the beginning of a new day, every day, in which I might achieve something very good. The 1st of every month, is obviously a new beginning. Around the 15th of every month is the start of the second half of the month, and if the first half hasn't gone too well I have the opportunity to begin the month again in the middle. See, I am horribly optimistic and cheerful, almost all the time :D (Kev thinks that I am not, he thinks that I'm moody and horrid quite a lot of the time, but he's wrong :D )

I am off for a write now. I'm doing character profile sheets for some of the new characters that I've added to my book. I need to get to know them better and filling in a profile sheet is ideal as it makes me just come up with answers without thinking about them too much, and I find that I know the character a lot better after ten minutes of thinking about what food they like, what their political leanings are, what their motivations might be, etc., etc. So I'm going to do more of that this morning. I don't have the full morning though, as my mum is coming for a visit. That will be lovely. She has more free time all of a sudden, on account of her promotion at work - well done Mum, very proud of you :D

Have a cheery day you lot.

Me and the kiddies at Hallowe'en! Yes, I know it's February now, but I just found this photo and thought 'why not?'!

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  1. Ah, the optimism of Linda! You always were one to cheer me up.
    And thanks for the blog recomendation - have already checked it out and set up the RSS Feed!