Tuesday, 23 February 2010

We all have Bad Mother days!

Hmm. I'm never happy with myself when I spend the day as I have today. Cleaning! I mean, really, why can't cleaning just do itself?! And I blummin hate doing the cleaning during the week, when I'm meant to be spending fabulous time with the kiddies, doing learning and playing and laughing and all that good stuff. This cleaning thing happens to me out of the blue, and I can't control it at all, not a thing I can do about it. I'll come in the house after dropping Thomas off at school, and I'll look at my house and hang my head in shame for a second ... then I roll my sleeves up, set the two littlies off playing something that will keep them amused for ages - usually Playmobil :D - and then I'm away, like a little tornado, ruthlessly sorting, binning, recycling, scrubbing, polishing, folding and mopping. It takes me until lunch time, and then voila! - the place barely looks any different!!! Aaaaaaggh! I'm in purgatory!
I hate these days though, because although I do make a little headway with the piles of mess around the house, it's at the expense of James and Matthew. I mean, they're great at playing by themselves, and most of the time play beautifully together. But I want to play too!

No worries though - I'm not moaning really. I'll do loads of playing tomorrow :) Who cares what the hell my house looks like?! Most of the time I don't really care, as long as we have a good time. But I have these days from time to time, when it really gets to me. And my house isn't even really that bad - at least we can see the floor! And it is clean - it's messy, but it's not dirty.

I have nothing inspiring to write about on cleaning days. My brain is full of dust bunnies. I
think the best thing to do at the end of a cleaning day is to go to bed and read and fill my head up with fantastical imaginings :) Tomorrow morning is a writing morning :D :D :D :D :D I will be more relaxed after that. I think I will high me to Costa Coffee to chill out with some words and some Earl Grey and pastries, and some stunning views of the Lake District (if it's clear, which it hasn't been since I first started frequenting Costa a few weeks ago!)

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