Thursday, 11 February 2010

Ooh, this is different ... hang on.

He he ... little nervous about writing a blog that someone might actually read! Was blogging on my website ( but it was a bit of a nightmare uploading it all the time, and it kept getting bigger and slower. So I've decided to join in, and play with everyone else at blogging. I believe I can add some images? Lemmesee ...

Hmm. This is the most recent image of me, and I look a bit freaky! I've looked better :S

Right, well. What should I write? I suppose I should start again really. No, I'll just do a quick recap:
I am Linda, 33 in a few weeks, best buddy of Kev, mum of three marvellous boys,who has been to Uni and done a degree in drama, who has done a proper job with proper wages before becoming a full time mummy, who has toyed with the idea of becoming a teacher, an admin person, a midwife and a writer, and who has decided to be a writer and a midwife (unless the writing become so amazingly successful that she is propelled into riches and celebrity and doesn't need to do anything else)!

So, today's achievements have been nothing to do with writing, so far. Been enjoying some bloody freezing fresh air - though not as cold as Mongolia, which I understand has been -50˚ - and taking photos of the view of the Lake District from the park :) Stunning views on days like this - we could see the snowcapped peaks very clearly.
Will be achieving much writing tomorrow morning, absolutement! No questions, no excuses, no procrastination, no day-dreaming; writing from nine o'clock until one. I've been doing very well with my current project over the past fortnight - I think I've written about 12,000 words, which is very good considering that I can only write in the evenings. I'm very pleased with myself :) I don't know exactly how many words, because I hand write, and I'm not in a rush to type this story up yet because I don't want to interrupt the flow. If I stop to type it all up I'll lose my way, I'm sure. So I'm just writing and writing until the ideas dry up. That'll be the point when I type up and start to fill in any gaps. Good job I enjoy typing up!
I am going to finish my first novel this year, yes I am - writing one, that is, not reading! It might be a load of bunkum, but at least I will have finished something. I'm not sure I've ever really finished a thing properly before - isn't that rubbish?! Well, I have been rubbish for most of my life really. I'm not rubbish now though. Oh no, I'm pretty darned ace now :) All motivated and driven and focused and excited and happy and contented and bubbling over with joy at being alive - actually, those are pretty annoying traits, and I'm surprised anyone can even stand to talk to me if I'm really all those things!

Well, that will do for a first post. I believe I will enjoy this proper-blogging lark. Ta ta.

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