Sunday, 14 February 2010

Crook o' Lune

:) We had a lovely day today. It was all to do with fresh air and the Great Outdoors. We let James try cycling again - he's doing incredibly well for someone who was only 4 a couple of weeks ago. That's James there, at the front of the picture. He can cycle by himself, but needs to work on the setting off and stopping. He can do it all by himself, but needs someone beside him to remind how to start and stop, lol. It's so exciting. Thomas, the tall one in the middle there, was very encouraging with James. He's so excited that his little brother can ride - they'll be riding to school together very soon, and I'll be running to keep up, pushing Matthew in his pram because he's still too small to make it to school and back on his own feet.
After the cycling, we went for a walk around the Crook of the Lune, and that was so nice. The last time we did that little walk Thomas was an only child, though I was pregnant with James. It was lovely to retrace our steps today. Matthew did walk the whole way by himself, and enjoyed his little adventure thoroughly. I was very proud of them all today. There was lots of scrambling involved, and climbing up big steps in places, but I didn't hear a complaint from any of them. I think it helps that the weather was excellent today - we've taken them lots of places to walk, and usually Matthew ends up being carried after a while. But he doesn't seem to work properly in the cold! Fair enough. He'll be much better at walking next Winter when he'll be 3.
Writing doesn't really happen at the weekend. We usually walk somewhere, or do something somewhere outside, and then we're all exhausted by tea time. I'm going to try and write a few hundred words before I go to sleep after this. I feel in the mood, so might as well do something :)
It's half term this week, but I still have my 3 mornings off because Thomas is at sports club. I wish he wasn't because I enjoy spending time with him in the holidays, but he asked to go and it will be a lot of fun for him, so I couldn't really say no!
I think I am getting used to this blog lark now :D I've added my blog list at the side there, and look, I'm following three blogs so far :) It's very, very nice to read about other people's lives - I didn't think I'd be all that interested, but I love it. I will have to try very hard not to get sucked in though - I cannot spend all my time reading blogs!


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