Monday, 1 November 2010

Day 14.

Hmm.  Erm.  What shall I say today?  Oh yes.  I accidentally let the boys have an extra day off school, as I thought they were supposed to be going back tomorrow.  Oops.  Shame about that, as I was aiming for 100% attendance for them this year.  Shucks.  Maybe they can make up that missing day by going in on a Saturday.  (I tell you what though, I don't like the tone of the text message that school sends out to the parent of a child who hasn't turned up for school, it's rather abrupt and accusatory - it always sounds like they're assuming you've allowed your child to skive.  If my child was serious ill, and I had been busy looking after them, I certainly would not appreciate that snotty text from the school office!)

Anyway, never mind.  We spent the afternoon at Torrisholme play park.  It was a beautiful day today, very fresh and bright.  The boys ran and ran and ran, and ran and ran.  They needed it, after a week of being lazy and eating rubbish.  But they've had a lovely half term - I know because I asked them :)  They all said that it's been an ace week, and they would like to spend some more time doing nothing much soon.  They've pretty much just watched the telly for nine days.  Disgraceful I know.  But I doubt it will have done any permanent damage.  I think they'll recover.

Run up to Christmas starts tomorrow!  Woo hoo!  ;p

Oh, and I'm at college tomorrow evening :)

And back on track with me writing an' all.

Good times.

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