Friday, 5 November 2010

Day 18.

I have just done a little cheating, and I have posted four hubs in half an hour!  I cheated because I used some old writing exercises, little short stories that I wrote for a bit of practise a couple of years ago.  It's only a little bit cheating though, because at least they're original and I did actually write them myself.  And it'll be interesting to see whether or not they get any comments.  I don't really know whether people on Hubpages tend to comment on creative writing.  Anyway, it's allowed me to catch up a bit, so I may well make my 30 hubs in 30 days.  I'm just three behind now, so if I write two a day for a few days I should catch up in time.

Today, I have no photos.  I would have posted some from our sparklering this evening, but it would have been dangerous if I'd been concentrating on taking pictures.  Someone would definitely have ended up in A&E if I had not been giving them my full attention.  I think I was very brave for letting my three very small sons use sparklers.  But I let them have them for a good reason: I was always terrified of sparklers, because the safety videos that they used to show at school (still do actually, Thomas and James told me all about them today) put the frighteners on me good and proper (as did the ones about Strangers!)  I've never felt comfortable holding a sparkler.  Actually, it's more so other people holding them around me that's frightening.  When I'm holding one I know I'm in control of it.  If someone else is holding it then they could very easily get distracted or just be a bit silly and stick it right in my eye (and it would be like that shot that you see of a soldier getting a flaming arrow right in the eye in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - have you seen it?)  I'm not so afraid of being burned - it's the stabbiness of the rod, the pokingness of it, the fact that it could really do some damage even when not lit.  Anyway, I let the boys have sparklers and they were very good indeed, very safe and very sensible and calm.  They knew that they had to wrap up, put on gloves and stand at a safe distance from each other.  Matthew, of course, did not hold his own sparkler - Kev held it, and Matthew put his gloved hand over the top of Kev's.  No problem.  But no photos.

The other thing that we did this evening was have a movie night.  And we watched Robin Hood, the one that's got Russell Crowe in it and Cate Blanchett (who is a very beautiful woman, yes indeed, and I do quite fancy her).  It's a good film is that one.  A very good film.  I didn't think there was very much wrong with Russell Crowe's accent - who knows what kind of mixture of dialects it might have been in the twelfth century, and especially if he'd been off crusading in foreign parts for ten years.  Yep, I can make those allowances I think :)  Thomas and James loved it, and James asked if he can sometimes watch it in the morning before school :)  And they kept saying to each other, during the film, 'are you enjoying this film?' 'Yeah, it's good, isn't it?'  Cuties.

Right, much productivity achieved this evening.  Time to go to sleep.  Nothing will be achieved tomorrow because we're off to the park to watch the Big Fireworks.  Have fun everybody, and stay safe :)

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