Sunday, 28 November 2010

It's working so far

I ain't got long to write this evening, because my eyelids are drooping and I'm about to fall into oblivion...

But the timetable is working so far.  I did some work on sorting out piles of notes on Friday, and on Saturday evening.  I'll be carrying on tomorrow morning when the littlies are out.  It'll probably be quite a frustrating process, and I'll be fed up with it by the middle of this week, because I'll feel like I'm not really getting anywhere.  But there are certain processes that have to be gone through before the scribbling can start properly.  I can't just sit down and write with this story, because it's too darned big!  I've got to keep some control over it, and I have to keep notes on my ideas so that I can keep them tethered and not risk having them fly away.

Might be back on with some actual writing by the end of the week, but I'll just see how I go.  I'm not really bothered how quickly I get the book written, as long as I keep going with it, don't skive, and produce something that I can work with later.

On other things: the new Harry Potter film is very, very good indeed.  I've seen it twice this weekend, and I wouldn't even mind seeing it a couple more times!  Won't get to though, just haven't got the spare evenings at the moment.  Think I'm going to be missing a few important dates over the next couple of weeks: I know there are lots of things coming up, but I've forgotten to write everything down, so they might get missed!  Oh dear.  Well, as long as I remember to do some Christmas shopping over the next three weeks, then that'll be something.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...  oops!


®†¥¨^øπ“‘«æ…¬˚∆˙©ƒ∂ßå`Ω≈ç√∫~µ≤≥÷¡€#¢∞§¶•ªº–≠  Hmm, none of those seem right - I'm trying to find a symbol that looks like closed eyes, so I can do a sleeping smilie!  Never mind.

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