Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Day 15.

Ooh, I may not manage to get the 30 hubs done in the 30 days.  I'm quite far behind now, must have about six hubs that need writing.  And now I also have a small Creative Writing homework to do - I have to start the writing of a ghost story.  It's only a five-week course, but if I enjoy it I might do it again in the new year.  A few of the people on the course seem to have been there before.  I enjoyed it, by the way :)  It was lovely.  Did a little bit of writing, to do with memories, and generating ideas for stories.  It was very nice to hear the work of other people - I do love that, hearing different writing styles, and listening to how different people interpret the same instructions.  It's always good for making me consider other ways of doing things.  

Tomorrow is my first childfree morning since Barbados - yes, I know, I'm not complaining, I'm just saying, that's all.  But this will be the first time I've had to write for quite a while.  I just couldn't write a thing in Barbados, because I was too busy chatting to people and doing nice relaxing things and drinking free cocktails.  Three hours to myself.  I will try to start my ghost story for next week.  And then I will try to get a couple of hubs done - theoretically they should be writable in half an hour, but they never are because I day dream a lot.  In my little 'this is me' introduction at CW tonight I said that I'm easily distracted, and that I start of writing one thing and then have an idea and end up writing that instead.  That's what I do, and I do it the most on these free mornings.  Terrible.  

Well, it's late.  I'd better get some sleep if I'm going to be creative tomorrow.  Night y'awl.


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