Monday, 22 November 2010

Gathering my thoughts

So, I've had a few days off writing.  Haven't written a thing.  Can't even remember how to now.  Better get back to it, before I even forget how to spell simple words.

I've just been reading the hubs of some of the people I follow, and I must say that some of them can really make a person feel inadequate!  I do feel very stupid and ignorant sometimes.  I'm reading hubs that are very atheist-bashing, and I want to have my say and defend my position on God and the Universe, but I find it so very difficult to form my opinions into a cohesive argument.  I just don't enough scientific stuff.  My belief rests in science, and the reason for this is because it has always presented me with much more believable evidence than the Bible has.  But putting this in such a way that properly shows what I think is very difficult.  Now, I have no illusion that a hub on atheism could ever be left alone and not picked to bits and cause a huge debate.  It would attract lots of comments, and ever sentence that wasn't quite finished exquisitely would be ripped apart.  Every point that wasn't backed up with irrefutable evidence would be hammered down into dust.  Well, that's fine - you have to expect that when you attempt to discuss religion, whichever side you come down on.  It's a bit sad that people feel the need to attack the beliefs of others, but there we are - I've done it myself, but I suppose only in defence of my own position when it's been attacked first.  But what I don't want to happen is for readers to think that I'm completely stupid and that what I've written is so basic and flawed and naive that it's not worth commenting on.  So, for this reason I am not rushing into writing a hub on my beliefs - I am going to take my time over it, and maybe post something next year... or maybe the year after.

In other news, I am just finishing up my little creative writing course.  I have two weeks left, and a little homework to do for that.  I always leave it until the last minute - but the good thing about homework for a writing course is that it's absolutely fine to leave it until the last minute, or to even not do it at all!  You can say that you couldn't find your creativity this particular week, you can say that you had a severe mental block.  Marvellous.  Of course, I haven't done that - I've done my work.  I'm thinking that doing the MA would be very useful.  I'm going to apply for that as soon as I can get my personal statement together - this is going to be quite tricky, because I don't really know what to say about my creative writing.  It's just something I've been doing as a hobby.   Oh, I suppose there's the answer, right there: I've been doing it as a hobby, and now I'm ready to start taking it more seriously, taking myself and my writing more seriously.  Hmm.  Yes, I think there's something there.  I'll work on that later.

Right now, I have to pop off and write five hundred words on a ghost story for tomorrow's class.  I'm not sure what I'll write, but something will come to me, I'm sure.

Better go and do that then.  Ta-ra.

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