Friday, 12 November 2010

Day 25.

What a lovely day I've had.  You'll not be surprised to know that I've spent most of the day writing hubs.  I've finished two today, and have started another one.  I will catch up over the last five days I think.  So Wednesday will be the last day of the challenge.  Right, good to know that.  I've got until Wednesday to write my last hubs.  Then I'll probably want to just write another one on Thursday.  I've become a bit addicted I think.  It's quite strange, because last week I was moaning about what a pain the challenge was.  Now I'm rather fond of it, and I feel like it's been really wonderful.

Erm... I've really got nothing else to say, because I've only hubbed.  Matthew is still a bit poorly today, so he spent the afternoon sprawled on the couch emitting pathetic little whimpers, which was nice.  Nope, nothing else to say.  No photos.  Sorry.  If it wasn't for the challenge involving the blog as well, I wouldn't even be bothering to write on here today.

Night then.

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