Thursday, 25 November 2010



That will be the key for next year.  2011, the Year of Discipline.  I think 2010 was supposed to be the Year of Achievement.  Hmm.  Didn't really anything more than any other year.  Kind of forgot about the achievements after about March.  In fact, I've only just remembered this minute.  Perhaps there's still time to achieve something great?  Oh, I did write almost a complete draft of a book - that's a very big achievement.

discipline |ˈdisəplin|nounthe practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience a lack of proper parental and school discipline.

But the Year of Discipline ties in with the themes of the Year of Achievement, the principle's the same, and is to do with getting things done.  Discipline for the kids, but discipline for me too.  Discipline with myself will mean that I'll achieve more, and then I'll have more time for fun, instead of wasting time moping about feeling guilty for not achieving anything.  I'm telling the world now, that I have 18 free hours a week in which to write - anyone could write a book with that many hours free, could they not?  Of course they could.  I've made myself a timetable, and I'm going to make myself stick to it.  (Full of good intentions, as always - I've said things like this many, many times.)

achievement |əˈ ch ēvmənt|nouna thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill to reach this stage is a great achievement.the process or fact of achieving something the achievement of professional recognition sense of achievement.

So in 2011, I will mostly thinking about dragons and faeries.  Going with the project that's the most fun, because it's most likely to hold my interest.

The plan is, to work every evening on the book, then to allow myself Saturday and Sunday evenings to catch up on other things, like letters and hubs and photo albums and things.  All it takes is for me to get into the habit of working every day - if I can do that I should be well away.

Blogs and hubs and Facebook places are the problem, because they're such a distraction and suck you in so sneakily.  That's where the discipline comes in.

Sorry, repetitive blog today, witter, witter, witter.

Just out of interest, I wonder what you guys think of when you imagine faeries?  Tell me, it might help me think of more characters!

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