Sunday, 7 November 2010

Day 20.

We were supposed to go out for a walk today.  But we just didn't, lol.  We didn't have an unproductive day though.  Kev and I found a burst of energy from somewhere, and we cleaned the kitchen a bit!  Yes.  Astounding.  Then Kev's mum and dad popped in for a little visit and stayed for a few hours.  It was very nice to have their company :)  We spent most of the visit eating and drinking much tea.  Kev made lovely omelettes for us all, and then we ate chocolate.  And then we did some 'baking'.  Kev baked a carrot and walnut cake (which is just waiting for its frosting - I'll show you a picture tomorrow), and me and Thomas made a raspberry cheesecake (with the help of Nana Jackie).

Cheesecake couldn't really be any easier; it consists of these ingredients: some crushed up biscuits (we used digestives and gingers mixed together in melted butter), some raspberries, some mascarpone, some lemon juice and some icing sugar.  This is all.  Don't ask me about quantities, because I don't know.  We just guessed and tasted and added more until it all looked right.  If you crush the raspberries with a fork before you add the cheese it's better: if you whizz them in the blender they end up as liquid and the whole thing is too runny.  Once it's assembled we put more crushed biscuits on top, and some half raspberries.  It doesn't take anything like a shop bought cheesecake, it just tastes completely homemade, and very fresh.  Lovely indeed.

Here it is:

Next week I'm going to try to find time to make banoffee 'pie'.  It's not really a pie, because it doesn't have a pastry base, it just has more crushed biscuits.  It's fabulous though.  And very easy.

I don't do tricky food, I only do simple hearty stuff.  I suppose I'm a bit like Nigella in that respect.  Although, I tend to do more real cooking - none of that Marmite on spaghetti in our house!  (Sorry Nigella :) - you're fabulous, and I love you, honest.)

I tell you what - I'm looking forward to the Jane Austen Festival in Bath next year, if it's anything like Pride and Prejudice, which I'm watching right now.  Because the food looks incredible.  I want to pop into the telly and eat everything.  I can't really work out why I'm so hungry all the time at the moment - it's perhaps still a reaction to all the fresh fruit and vegetables I ate in Barbados, I may still be malnourished.

I'm going now, to investigate the noises that keep coming from the stairs!  I think we have a ghost, or an intruder.  Err, might see you later.  Unless I'm frightened out of my wits when a towel falls off the banister and lands on my head!

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