Thursday, 4 November 2010

Day 17.

I see.  Post more regularly, get more visitors.  That's interesting.  I would have thought that posting more regularly would guarantee less visitors, because you lot would be starting to get bored of the sound of my voice.  Hmm.  I really have no idea why you keep reading my ramblings - especially those of you who don't know me.  Appreciate it though ;D thanks very much!

Can I just tell you about the thing that has got me very excited today?  It's this:

Yes, it's our waste food caddy :D  We got it yesterday, and I'm very happy about it.  I've been waiting for it to arrive, because I've been wanting to get on with recycling our kitchen scraps.  We do already recycle lots of them, the bits that can go in the wormery, but our poor worms sometimes can't keep up - especially in the summer when they also have to get through all the grass cuttings.  But in the caddy we can put absolutely everything, like the left over little bits from our meals, and meat and dairy and citrus fruits which can't be put into the wormery at all.  Even though we've only used the caddy for one and a half days, I can already see what a difference it's going to make.  Our actually bin, with stuff that can't be recycled, is nowhere near full, and it is very light.  Our wheelie bin is going to be redundant at this rate, which is fantastic news :)  We can nearly recycle all of our waste now.  Very good.

Ooh, I should have written this first perhaps, before the news about the waste food caddy.  It's Kev's birthday today!  He's 35, and poor fella was at work :(  I guess he's had a very dull birthday then.  And it was all a crazy rush at tea time because Thomas has to go out for 6pm for Beavers.  So Kev only got half an hour with the boys.  We gave him some presents in a horrible rush, but he did lots of smiling and laughing and he seemed to be happy, so it was still quite nice.  He opened his 'main' present when Thomas got back.  We bought him some binoculars, which is what he's been asking for for a couple of years.  I guess we'll be out in the countryside somewhere this weekend, so that he can try out his new eyewear :)  The binoculars are for looking at wildlife in the great outdoors, not for peeping at the neighbours, which is what we looked like we were doing earlier this evening when we were testing them (testing the binoculars that is, not the neighbours).  I think I will be the only one without binoculars now.  Might have to get some for myself.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Kevvie :)

Now, Thomas wants to know if he can have a dog, since he's going to get world peace for you.

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